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  1. How many games did Lewis miss because of suspensions?


    Sponsored him since he first came, so will miss him.

    Hope he does well at Dartford.


    My knowledge of football at this level is lacking.

    If players take you down and jump ship it's not my Cup of Tea (Sorry Mate for using your name)

    Lack of goals was a big reason we went down and Lewis is a forward.

  2. Hope Isla is OK.


    I wouldn't have a go at anyone for organising an event.

    We have a social committee in my office. I organise events outside their domain.

    They always support me as they know i'm giving up free time to do it.


    Rob mate, i think everyone appreciates the amount of time you give up for the club.

    Take a deep breath and sit back and lets see what happens.

    If mistakes are made we can learn from them.


    Good Luck Jordan

  3. Where's Mancini gone? where's Mancini gone?

    Fergie sees off another would be pretender to his throne.

    City should look at Arsenal and Man U and see that Longtivity pays off.

    Thought it would have worked for them as Moyes needs to settle in.


    Plus, Rooney is a dope. Someone give him a dummy

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