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  1. We are running out to "Wake Up Maggie" by Rod Stewart
  2. I fancy getting a New Flag. Anyone know Web Site for that place in Upminster?
  3. I'm greedy and will have both. Line up v Grays could look like this. Harry. Gooner, Hx O, Poakman, Urchinman. Cup of Tea, Shrimp Man, Ian, McBride Urchin Princess, Yellow.
  4. Any news on Posters? I'm drinking in 2004 club in Hornchurch. Know people are drinking at various places. Any idea of meeting point/time of a pub in Dagnam?
  5. Premier League = Boring Man U are my team ,but they are walking the league with a poor squad. Shows how bad the rest are.
  6. All the fixtures are awkward. That goes for everybody. KEEP THE FAITH.
  7. Cattermole would have got sent off anyway. Fletcher our as well. Not talking much about City these days are we.
  8. Strange. Southend couldn't afford the Electric for Brown's Sunbed. Thinks he's Michael Jackson in reverse.
  9. Trust you lot will be running to Dover
  10. It's not that i'd rather watch England than Hornchurch. But we had no game when plans were made. Food laid on etc. Meeting people i have not seen for a while. Dover could have been arranged for Monday/Wednesday? or any other Tuesday.
  11. They'll have a bigger attendance than our Home games.
  12. Hope it's called off. Arranged to watch England (Fixture arranged ages ago) Not sure who re-arranged this game for the same night.
  13. Have a lovely weekend in Weymouth. Keep the faith.
  14. Adeboring fell on his ar*e. The ball hit him and went in.
  15. So please for everyone especially Annie. She was getting to sound like Wivenoe. Had us relegated last month. Still a lot to do, but hopefully there's more optimism now. Good luch Saturday and have a nice weekend. Due a lot of rain Friday and Saturday.
  16. Orient 1 Pompey 0 The O's are going up.
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