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  1. I just don't think the 4-3-3 worked.

    To be playing 3 up and put the ball in the box to find no one there?

    We lacked Width.

    We ain't getting the rub of the green.

    Can't fault the effort the guys put in.

    We need some players to stand up and be counted.

    Perhaps we should all buy them a mirror to look in to.



    Went Orient v Southend the other night.

    From 30 minutes before kick off and all the way throughout the game, even after they just scored.

    Southend fans singing "WE HATE ORIENT"

    Songs in reply "You're So Boring and You've only got one song"


    Never understood hating other teams instead of supporting your own team.

    We used to spend more time hating Dagnum, Canvey And Grays than singing for Hornchurch.

    Man United are the same, when they do actually sing something

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