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  1. A very good point Chris. The more I read about it, the less I think it'll work in non-league.
  2. A few tasty fixtures there, Chris !
  3. Might just have a wander down for Wanderers v Bulls match. Would be interesting to compare them with Guernseys firt appearances a few seasons ago.
  4. Dead easy on E-Bay. Just sorted one out for my Father in Law.
  5. I can imagine the 'smear campaign' gathering force before the final election.
  6. So it's Boris or Hunt. To be decided by the party. Lay your bets, Ladies and gentleman !!
  7. Just like Baldrick - 'A Cunning Plan' !!
  8. I watched last nights BBC debate and wasn't impressed by any of 'em, including Boris. To be totally honest, I thought Rory Stewart came out of it the worst. He reminds me of a vents dummy !! Sorry Rory
  9. As a complete outsider to the club, may I be allowed to say how touched I am by this wonderfull tribute. JR.
  10. I watched SOME of last nights Channel 4 debate, (Minus Boris, of course). What a lack-lustre bunch. It's gotta be Boris. Next round of voting tomorrow, (Tuesday).
  11. I tend to agree. A good thing or a bad thing ? I can't make my mind up.
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