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    Dorking, Surrey - God's Little Acre ?
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  1. Big J R

    Midweek matches

    Exactly what I was thinking, Peter.
  2. Big J R

    Midweek matches

    Still - I expect the refreshments were up to his very high standards.
  3. Big J R

    Midweek matches

    Good luck tonight, Burgs. If that is one of your lines in the photo, it's pretty NEARLY straight. Having said that, I have seen a lot worse elsewhere !😂😂
  4. Big J R

    All weather surfaces.

    I haven't been down to the new all signing all dancing stadium at Meadowbank as of yet, though I have heard several people mentioning the amount of black rubber pieces appearing during a game.
  5. Big J R

    The Nomad returns.

    No Dorking F.C. any more either Peter, but that's another story, albeit a long one. Glad you're alive and well.
  6. Big J R

    Big J R

  7. Big J R


    I had to re-set, (re-new), my pass-word, then things seemed OK.
  8. Big J R

    FA Vase

    I think it's one of those closely guarded F.A. secrets.
  9. Big J R


    Sorry to hear you've had problems, Burgs. Hope things are improving now.
  10. And as a long time Dorking resident, people wonder why I don't go down to Meadowbank to watch the Nomads. I think you may have just answered their questions.
  11. Big J R


    Even though I don't have any connection with the CoCo now, I still generally check this forum every other day. Maybe we should find out if young Kroons is back on the Big Macs again, or if Smudger has blown up the old Mayday Hospital in Croydon yet !!
  12. Big J R


    As I've said before, it's all down to social network, Farcebook etc. The youngsters of today have far too much time on their hands and have I-phones glued to their ears.
  13. Still - We've got the mid-terms in a few weeks. That'll give some indication on exactly how popular he really is.
  14. Big J R

    Where have all the punters gone?

    Is who in or out ??
  15. Nearly half a year since my last post regarding the meglomaniac Trumpton. Virtually every day, he makes another glaring gaff. When will the Yanks get round to impeaching him ?