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  1. Well, after yesterdays Parliament session, things are getting more and more interesting.
  2. The plot thickens. I blame 'Bisto' !!!!
  3. I blame China and Russia for hacking !
  4. Just been reading up on Leatherheads recent troubles and recovery in our local press. Could/should be an interesting game.
  5. I must admit I'd wondererd at the couple of days 'silence' I had visions of yet another case of Alien Abduction
  6. Games played are normally expunged. I fear there may be one or two more NL Clubs going to the wall before the seasons end. Sign of the financial times, (not the paper), I'm afraid.
  7. I'm sure the cheque will be in the post, Savagebee. 😁
  8. I suppose that would only depend on he ability of the Clubs 'back-room' boys !
  9. All I'm going to say that it was a CoCo match several seasons ago in my home town.
  10. Should make for a very interesting disciplinary hearing. I have witnessed a similar occurrence but not quite as bad as that.
  11. .......and a possible skip and jump ?????
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