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  1. All set for a property developer to make a killing. A sign of the times, I have to say yet once again.
  2. Up the fitness test for all officials, I say ! (dons tin hat !!)
  3. Better safe than sorry in my book. Do nothing, and all of a sudden, it's decided that football is back !
  4. I haven't see the show, but having met Harry at a Charity event when I was involved with the defunct Dorking F.C., I can only describe him as a perfect gentleman and a joy to talk too, unlike a couple of high profile Premiership people I could mention.
  5. The other 'astounding' figure in yesterday 'Times' was that one quarter of all UK Virus deaths were diabetics
  6. Then it looks like another big bonus day for the 'Legal-Eagles' ! I well remember when the old DFC and the local authority were in county court. Litigation does NOT come cheap !!!!
  7. It's all becoming a farce. All school children to be tested for COVID on their return. HMG can't even test enough people like myself (approaching 73), now, let alone hordes of kids returning to school.
  8. Channel 4 news seem to be ripping his statement to pieces. I haven't seen the whole statement yet.
  9. Amazing !! I'm not going to hold my breath, even with a face-mask !
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