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  1. It will be very interesting to see how Jersey fare.
  2. Great news for Chertsey. Well done !!
  3. I take it you meant GOOD news. Stifled rumours of financial trouble at the club, and now Jersey are hoping to start flying across.
  4. More worries for the poor officials, then. (chuckles quietly to ones self !!)
  5. It has been known in winter-time, Cuppa !!
  6. A STOOL ? Surely a deck-chair would be better !! (Sorry ! I couldn't resist it. Reminds me of a conversation I overheard on a hospital ward recently. Doctor to Patient "Are your stools brown or black ?" The mind boggles !!!!)
  7. Thanks Chris. Any idea who is sponsoring Jersey ? I imagine they must be putting the same sort of travel/accomodation deal that Guernsey did when the came into the League a few years ago.
  8. That's a question for someone with more up to date information. Chris C, possibly. I've never heard of Croydon based being a problem to joining the CCL.
  9. Hope there's a doctor and a couple of nurses attending. Defib essential !!
  10. How quickly a season passes !
  11. At least ! Who would pay for them in local leagues ? The three officials fees are already too much for some of the smaller clubs. Sin bins would have to be located well away from the dugouts as wll - More expense.
  12. That might have some effect, Cuppa.
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