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  1. Probably after Noah's arc comes to rest. Still raining in very damp Surrey !
  2. OOh ! The suspense !!!! More expense, or revenue lost through locked gates.
  3. Not that game Rhodsey, though I remember the occasion. I didn't attend that game. It was a home game. To save face for a now defunct club, I'd rather not comment on the particulars.
  4. I agree with Pete. As a bystander to this forum, but having been involved in a similar event yonks ago, both the Leage and the F.A. wait until police reports are submitted. Can, and usually does take some time.
  5. Innocent until proved guilty, as I recall from my days in non-league. I doubt the league and F.A. will have even received any 'evidence' this early.
  6. As I type in leafy (not), damp Surrey, the rain has just started and the wind is picking up yet again.
  7. Looks more like Stratford Marsh. Rain during the night in Surrey. Amber weather warning in force for 36 hours starting tonight. Don't hold your breath, folks, unless you own a snorkel !
  8. I fancy a lot of non-league games will be lost again this weekend.
  9. Awaits Mr Rhodes return from Europe with interest for his views, Pete !!
  10. Not as bad as poor old Wisbech Town FC. Photos on the web show a complete stand collapsed. Reports say the Club can't afford repairs. One would have though insurance would cover it.
  11. All they'll get is a crime number so they can make an insurance claim !!
  12. With gale force winds 75 mph plus predicted, could be interesting !
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