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  1. Well that's sorted at last. Perhaps now the Governement can get on and actually get some work done. Bit surprised that Swinson and Skinner lost their seats.
  2. Pitch trouble, Burgs ??? ............ or did someone forget to buy the refereshments ??
  3. My constituency is far from marginal. Tory through and through, though Lib Dems recently took over control of the local Mole Valley Council, hence Lib Dem literature keeps flooding through my door. Am I going to vote ??? Probably for only the second time in my life I will abstain from voting this time. Todays politicians are only in it for themselves.
  4. Site down for this long sounds like admin/financial problems.
  5. The amount of election party cr@p pouring through my letterbox every day seems greater than at any other election.
  6. Forecast right up to the weekend appears to be plenty more rain. More problems for fixture secretaries ??
  7. Last night's TV debate on ITV between Boris the Spider and Red Corbyn in my mind was terrible !!
  8. ........... and the two main parties still just want to slag each other off as demonstrated last night on BBC's 'Question Time' !
  9. Even Donald Trump couldn't have done it better !!!!
  10. Well, with the election on the horizon, things get more interesting by the day. The resignation of Watson as Deputy Labour Leader, AND resigning from the party speaks volumes
  11. I think thre is an opton, if offered to play away ang get the gate money. It has happened before, but of course, they would then be responsible for policing and security.
  12. Have a great time in Spain, Rhodesy. Don't mention 'Brexit' or fishing rights !!
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