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  1. I suppose you want a pat on the head !!👨‍🎓
  2. The law hasn't changed Rhodsey. A very nice gesture on behalf of the club, but rather questionable IMHO.
  3. This is nearly as good as a TV quiz show ! Beats 15 - 1 hands down !!
  4. Such a shame that I no longer have an active interest in CCL matters these days. I made a lot of friends during my time with Dorking F.C. I still 'follow' Dorking Wanderers Reserves in Div. 1 from afar, obviously.
  5. Maybe that's a problem with match officials openly speaking out on club forums/websites. Anyway, it keeps the banter flowing !
  6. At least with Rhodesey back, we are getting a bit of banter again !!
  7. As I said before, Hunt is too wishey-washy.
  8. I'm too out of touch with CCL to comment, however, I think the Jersy Bulls might struggle somewhat. I will be watching Dorking Wanderers Reserves in Div. 1 with interest.
  9. I have to agree with Savagebee above, however, this might be a sign of the future in lower leagues.
  10. I see that over the weekend, Boris told Europe, if they force us to leave without doing a deal, they can kiss goodbye to a lot of money they reckon we'd have to pay ! As I said before, he says it like it is !
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