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  1. Not looking good for matches this Saturday. Local news have just announced there have bee THREE river bank breaches to the River Mole today between Dorking and Reigate !
  2. Several river bank breaches around the centre of Surrey. Possibly the worst since the 1960's
  3. And strange to see that the 'Moderate' people in Iran are now demonstrating aginst their 'Government' for issuing mis-information.
  4. And it's STILL pouring down. At this rate it will probably affect weekend matches.
  5. Hope the weather improves for your mid-week games then, Rhodes. The forecast is terrible. Tipping it down in Surrey as I type with strong winds increasing all the time !
  6. Iran are 'Flatly Denying' one of their missiles shot the plane down with the loss of all lives on board. Some people are 'speculating' it was a missile, "Fired Accidently." Erm, excuse me, but missiles don't fire themselves accidently !!
  7. He must have had continual access to a VERY reliable car, or liked cycling a lot !
  8. WELL ! Trumpton has certainly showed his colours over the last few days. Drone killing of a top Iranian army chief, though many believe he was a top terrorist. Missisles fired at U.S. airforce bases in retaliation. Tin hats on everyone. Comments anyone ????
  9. Glad you're fit and well, Burgs. Weather seems a little bit better now.
  10. The main problem with a Government with a slim to low majority allows extremists to scupper bill after bill.
  11. I think there may be trouble ahead ! They'll be lucky to get away with only fines.
  12. Well that's sorted at last. Perhaps now the Governement can get on and actually get some work done. Bit surprised that Swinson and Skinner lost their seats.
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