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  1. More worries for the poor officials, then. (chuckles quietly to ones self !!)
  2. A STOOL ? Surely a deck-chair would be better !! (Sorry ! I couldn't resist it. Reminds me of a conversation I overheard on a hospital ward recently. Doctor to Patient "Are your stools brown or black ?" The mind boggles !!!!)
  3. Thanks Chris. Any idea who is sponsoring Jersey ? I imagine they must be putting the same sort of travel/accomodation deal that Guernsey did when the came into the League a few years ago.
  4. That's a question for someone with more up to date information. Chris C, possibly. I've never heard of Croydon based being a problem to joining the CCL.
  5. Hope there's a doctor and a couple of nurses attending. Defib essential !!
  6. How quickly a season passes !
  7. At least ! Who would pay for them in local leagues ? The three officials fees are already too much for some of the smaller clubs. Sin bins would have to be located well away from the dugouts as wll - More expense.
  8. That might have some effect, Cuppa.
  9. A very good post. Incidently, the percentage of appeals being upheld is on the increase.
  10. Especially at our age !!!!!!!!
  11. So am I out. Too many bad possibilities.
  12. No other comments to make Burgs ? I trust this change won't affect the standard of the burgers 😲
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