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  1. Big J R

    Bostik Premier Away Days...........

    ... and only a short walk to the ground !
  2. Big J R

    Non Hornchurch football thread

    Same from me. Thats four 1966 cup winning squad members gone now.
  3. Big J R


    A sad loss. I remember that World Cup so well. That's four team members that have passed away now. R.I.P.
  4. Big J R

    Jersey Bulls

    There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that the Channel Island of Herm, just of Guernsey is considerint to apply !! 😎
  5. Big J R

    Oyster men sunk

    What a pearl of a title for the thread !! 😚😚😚😚😲😲😲
  6. Big J R

    Jersey Bulls

    I'm sure there must be a funny reply to that somewhere !!
  7. Big J R

    New Year, New Predictions

    OOOOH !! - The permutations.
  8. Big J R

    Jersey Bulls

    I quite agree Chris ! I reckon at the end of the day, it'll be money, and the amount of it, that does the talking !!
  9. Big J R

    AC London Appeal

    If Committe members turn up at the meeting with big brooms, the sweeoing up, (out), won't take too long.
  10. Big J R

    FA vase 3rd Round Draw

    Nearly all away fixtures, and the railway service in the South is STILL diabolical !!
  11. Big J R


    Exactly as Mug2 said ! "Money makes the League go around, the League go around, the League go around !!
  12. Big J R

    Saturday 27th October

    Sounds a bit like the ever on-going re-building of Meadowbank at Dorking, now complete Then again, when a local authority is involved, it's better not to believe their press releases of dates and timetables.
  13. Big J R

    Saturday 27th October

    The reason being ?????
  14. Big J R

    Midweek matches

    Exactly what I was thinking, Peter.
  15. Big J R

    Midweek matches

    Still - I expect the refreshments were up to his very high standards.