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  1. I was amazed reading the news report and seeing the photo.
  2. I can't but help to wonder how many more clubs will go to the wall in the coming months.
  3. Why 'afraid', Savage ?? OK - There are still some concerns about the material used and health, but if you can afford it, then go for it. At least you won't lose loads of games through the weather conditions.
  4. Quite agree Chis, but I can see various disagreements/arguments over certain issues by clubs when we resume.
  5. It seems to me over the past few days, Trumpton has sacked more top names, and when he does open his mouth, he definitely does NOT engage brain.
  6. No - I missed that Newsnight. I tend to try and keep away from most subjects concerning COVID now. The rules and regs seem to change every day with most people contradicting one another.
  7. 'Home & Colonial' ! That brings back memories. Ooops - showing my age again.
  8. I have voted September, mainly in anticipation, but October could be a possibility.
  9. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting even brighter !
  10. I tend to agree Cuppa. Problem is, who followa on ??
  11. As I understand it, the virus can live for a short time on paper, (think banknotes), but that it's life expectancy on cardboard is almost non existatnt due to absorbtion. Carboard programme anybody ????
  12. There's nothing quite like a bit of 'Scenario Planning'. It's a bit like Family Planning, but with more possible outcomes.
  13. I can see this occuring elsewhere for clubs who can afford the 'Leagle Eagles' !!
  14. Face masks on all public transport from tomorrow. Ooooh - I can't wait !
  15. Good weather again in a couple of weeks, allegedly !!
  16. I can't make my mind up to ask the audience, or phone a friend !!
  17. That's a very good question, and one I had already thought of myself !
  18. Which might just go to prove, "It's NOT what you know, but WHO you know."
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