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  1. Shame I coudn't have made it. I was close by !! I was under the bridge in the ESH stroke wing. Home now. so hopefully a slow recovery.
  2. Certainly a case of "Read Between The Lines".
  3. Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell.
  4. Bad news for you and the club, Burgs. I honestly can't see the back of COVID for some time. I bit gloomy, I know.
  5. Best check the Club;s bank balance first !!
  6. Interesting ! It'll all be down to more intensive Covid spikes.
  7. Thanks Chris. Lets just all hope Covid 19 doesn't spike as it appears to be doing in some parts of the country.
  8. Just been reading about this on another forum. Is it right ? Probably not. ...but it could be the beginng of further clubs suffering later.
  9. Scorching temperatures; fence painting and NO bar. Recipe for disaster in my book.
  10. The trouble is, that he keeps changing his mind over very important matters !
  11. I see today, Trumpton is going to try and delay the forth-coming election. How much power does he think he actually has ????
  12. Lets just hope there isn't a sudden Covid spike !
  13. Well done Dorking Wanderers winning away at Bath yesterday. I'm a bit out of touch footy wise, due to family birthdays and workmen in the house. Hopefully next month...................
  14. I was amazed reading the news report and seeing the photo.
  15. I can't but help to wonder how many more clubs will go to the wall in the coming months.
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