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  1. I see Karen posted a similar question on another thread. Hopefully, there will ba a vaccine avaiable quite soon. HOWEVER - The virus is quite capable of mutatimg, which COULD cause a problem for the coming season. I'm afraid it's 'wait and see'.
  2. Always better to be Safe rather than Sorry. I feel sorry for all clubs that were eyeing promotion in the face.
  3. As I'm an outsider, I thought I'd add my experiences. At 72, I'm technically 'At Risk' and under house arrest. I do take a short walk each day to get my excercise up to the corner shop for 'essentials'. My wife and I tend to watch all the old films and repeats on TV into the early hours, so rise late in the day.
  4. As an 'At Risk' person of 72, I am doing everything advised. I get my daily excercise by walking the 400 mts to the corner shop on our estate. The owners ensure there is no crowding and people keep there distance which customers respect. I'm pretty sure that if this goes on for weeks I'll become stir-crazy. People who openly and deliberately flout the advice about congregating are nothing short of selfish unthinking criminals and should be treated as such. Maybe under rapidly produced legislation, they will be !!
  5. I believe the season termination is absolutely right. COVID19 is NOT going to just disapppear.
  6. Whatever the result, the fact is this.... This virtual 'Marshal Law' is the right course of action. COVID19 is a really nasty, quickly transmitted, and so far, virtually un-treatable illness for the seriously infected. Vaccine is probably months away. This virus could quickly mutate into another form.
  7. Littlewoods are advising that NO claims are required for no-score draws !
  8. Clubhouse's opening during these dire times is an interesting point. Technically, at 72 years of age, I have been advised to self-isolate. For many obvious reasons, I have to visit Dorking once, or twice a week. I do pop into my local for a lunch-time bracer. Admittedly, not many imbibers of late. Clubhouse or pub ?? Whats the difference ??
  9. That depends on the COST of the cure, surely ?
  10. I'm afraid it had to happen, Karen. Clubs are undoubtably going to suffer revenue loss. Is it better to be safe than sorry later ??
  11. Been a fair bit of that 'wet-stuff' over the week, though Rhodsey ! I'm sure some of your matches will fail the starting whistle
  12. I have mixed feelings about this. I notice some organisations have adopted elbow-touching instead of a handshake.
  13. Hope the relevant section of the dreaded and much hated M25 doesn't suffer another major hold up, then.
  14. Given the weather over the last few days, I think many non-artificial surface clubs will suffer. Lets hope many non-leagues allow an early cancellation to avoid early travel and later disappointment.
  15. DITTO HERE. Surrey has a weather warning for ice and frost Wednesday
  16. Probably after Noah's arc comes to rest. Still raining in very damp Surrey !
  17. OOh ! The suspense !!!! More expense, or revenue lost through locked gates.
  18. Not that game Rhodsey, though I remember the occasion. I didn't attend that game. It was a home game. To save face for a now defunct club, I'd rather not comment on the particulars.
  19. I agree with Pete. As a bystander to this forum, but having been involved in a similar event yonks ago, both the Leage and the F.A. wait until police reports are submitted. Can, and usually does take some time.
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