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  1. I'm sure the cheque will be in the post, Savagebee. 😁
  2. I suppose that would only depend on he ability of the Clubs 'back-room' boys !
  3. All I'm going to say that it was a CoCo match several seasons ago in my home town.
  4. Should make for a very interesting disciplinary hearing. I have witnessed a similar occurrence but not quite as bad as that.
  5. .......and a possible skip and jump ?????
  6. Hope they appoint a Manager that can take a lot of interference from the board !
  7. No rain today during daylight hours in 'Sunny Surry'
  8. V.A.R. is in it's infancy. Even before it's started here, TV pundits would go over and over re-play footage to prove an official wrong. In my view, it's either a case of improve it, OR scrap it. One thing is for sure - It won't happen in non-league. Too expensive !!
  9. And had you milaid your calculator ? I had noticed your error, but modesty prevented........
  10. If it wasn't money matters, then that's my view.
  11. Sounds to me like 'Personal Differences' OR a 'Money Problem'
  12. Surely the answer to that is endless ? Spruce up your anorak, or something !
  13. Probably just scare-mongering by the Met Office. They like to cover themselves just on the off-chance they are actually right !
  14. Amazing what a change of leadership can bring.
  15. I stayed up last night to watch the Parliament closing ceremony live. What a fiasco. Fisti-cuffs and hand-bags round the Speakers chair. The opposition refused to follow Black Rod to the Lords. Then the Government MP's refused to return to the Commons for Bercow's departure. Still - A new Speaker in October. Harriet Harman is being tipped. No-one could be worse than 'Squeaker' Bercow !!
  16. Many thanks Enfield. A close old school friend of mine is a Barrister. There are sentencing guide-lines which judges have to adhere too. Too lenient or too excessive can be challenged on appeal. I noticed in the press yesterday that a judge passed a 15 year sentence on a young man who committed a terrible machete attack, though not fatal. He stated after sentencing that he considered the offender, HIS parents, AND his peers responsible for his actions.
  17. I see on todays news that Boris, even though he is in Eire, will shut Parliament down after todays business. Just over a month with NO Government. Might be better though !
  18. Sentence not excessivive in my view. It was another weekend of murder and mayhem in the capital over the last few days.
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