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  1. 'Good luck moving into your athletics track.' How does one move 'into an athletics track'? We are moving to a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose sporting arena that puts New Lodge to shame. You should pop over and see it sometime.
  2. I'm thankful that I'm held in such affection by you. How about "The bitterest pill" cos that's what you're gonna swallow once we're gone...
  3. 'He's sinking fast.' Has this thread turned into a summary of your season?
  4. '...thats a poor poor effort CF' A bit like your season so far, TC, considering JE said you were going to win the league, eh?
  5. TC - I take it from your answer that there are NO significant costs that BTFC incur as a result of leasing NL to CCFC. So, £20k it is. 'No reply from Cf for 15minutes! he must be on the phone' Yep - I work in Pizzahut. I was taking Gazza's latest bulk-order.
  6. 'I never give my number out to someone who calls 'me 'ducky'. You haven't lived, sweetheart.
  7. 'You should try it some time' Give me your number then, ducky, and I'll think about it.
  8. 'You can borrow my brown pants if you want.....' No thanks. I prefer boxers, not crutchless knickers.
  9. Are you saying that questions are not allowed on this forum? Some forum... And are you 'offering me out'? Scared. No, really.
  10. 'Do you want to know what colour pants we're wearing as well?' In your case, Ryan, I would imagine that they are brown. Not that that's what they originally were, of course...
  11. 'CFs figure of 20k income is about right' Humble-pie currently being eaten by Gazza. Oops, mentioned food again... 'but what he has failed to mention on numerous occasions is the cost's we incur as a direct result of their ground share' TC, you're quite right, I didn't mention them but only because I didn't know there were any. Apologies for that. Can you please clarify what these costs are and I will then take them into account if I'm discussing the benefits that CCFC bring to BTFC in monetary terms. But you are right, of course. I would need to include income AND expenditure to get a true picture. It was never my intention to paint an incorrect picture. 'we also know, as do most of the CCFC faithful, that we can generate a different income when they leave.' I hope you do. But from where, please? 'So CF, no need to worry about us poor ole ricay boys, we'll muddle through somehow' Glad to hear it. It will be nice to stuff our ex-landlords in the Essex Senior Cup every few years (we will, of course, be about three leagues ahead of you in ten years time).
  12. 'Its obvious to anyone who he is. We just dont know his identity.' F**k me. And in English, please? 'How much do CCFC pay in rent?' Give or take £15k pa. 'a) They have no ground' Yes we do. 'b) They have a tentative date that they will be moving to a new ground' Correct. 'c) It's all wishful thinking by them. They seem to think that they're propping us up and when they leave we'll go under. In fact, I think they hope we do.' Not at all. Propping you up? Nonsense. Helping you out? Most definitely. Go under? Rubbish. Local rivalry is healthy for the region. 'Now, I'm beginning to to take the thought that anyone with a CCFC moniker should be banned on this forum' That's cos you haven't got two brain-cells to rub together when it comes to arguing your corner. 'Cf you have no idea what you are talking about how we wish that we had netted 20k pa from you for 7 years.' It's a fact. 'More to the point is where doyou think you are going to find the 20k + it will cost you to run your club from your own place when you finally get in there.' What do you base that figure on? It's actually much higher than that. All costed for in the business plan, dear boy. 'By the way have you got a licence yet?' No. Have you lost your virginity yet?
  13. 'Now, if he was paying attention and not mucking around at the back of the class room, he would've read the answer from our Chairman in a previous post.' Gazza, I'm quite happy to be proved wrong. It is my genuine belief that the income you derive from CCFC is in the region of £20k pa. If you could kindly tell me the title of the thread that you refer to, I can read and adjust my view.
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