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  1. Just want to say that it was an absolute pleasure to be at Hartsdown yesterday.
  2. Drummer


    All the best for a speedy recovery Michael.
  3. Drummer


    I fully understand what BD is saying but given the fact that you have to put yourself up for election, and in my view you should have an understanding of the position you seek, I respectfully think that the words "found themselves" should be replaced by "put themselves".
  4. I was discussing this very thing with a colleague at the game yesterday and do think it is worth considering. After all, we have been at grounds where the accommodation is of a similar nature.
  5. Drummer

    Cheer Up

    Just thought I'd put something cheerful on here! I thought Matt Bodkin's volley in the second half was a cracker, but matched by an absolute wonder save from the Leatherhead 'keeper. I though that Curtis Robinson was unlucky in the first half, at least I think it was him as I wasn't at the same end, when his shot hit the upright. I also thought that Simon Overland made a great save in the first half - had he not done so we would have lost 1-0. Oh, and I liked the applause that the ambulance paramedic received from the Leatherhead supporters when he walked past them in his uniform of id
  6. Yes it was nice and dry in there just a pity there were no free hot drinks on offer. It wasn't dry in there in the second half when I stood in there - the rain got worse and we got soaked!
  7. No doubt that is why the matter has been "truncated".
  8. Wasn't there a German reserve team full back in the early 1950's called Gerd Geissen? I seem to recall an article in the Thanet Gazette referring to the full back pairing of him and Jimmy Evans with a nickname given them by the rest of the team "Gerd & Daisy". For the younger readers of this was a refence to a variety act "Gert & Daisy".
  9. Absolute knockout photos Jeff; I remember Gertrude Thornton, especially seeing the photo of her with the little doll - that really triggered it. In the group photo outside the Club hut I believe that the man wearing the cap is Leslie Wheeler who conducted the Winter Gardens Orchestra for many years. Great stuff as ever.
  10. Go on to the Margate History site and have a look at the ref's name in the report of Margate v Tonbridge 20.8.74
  11. More great stuff thanks Jeff; Dover report with keeper Brian Hughes playing for them, Maidstone with Johnny Maggs in goal and what about the Wealdstone lineup.
  12. Just looking through some of my old football books there doesn't seem to be much evidence of advertising boards around grounds until the sixties. I don't know when the current boardroom was built, although I suspect it was as late as the 1990's but does anyone remember the old "Committee Room" that used to be alongside the old main stand at the Coffin End side? Regarding the goals, I seem to remember that the goal posts in the mid 1950's were still the square type, not rounded.
  13. Jeff, you must be having the time of your life there .... and please keep it going!
  14. Forgot to add - just look at the crowd for a Margate v Sheppey FA Cup game. On the Sittingbourne game it features their goalkeeper Round. I believe that was Len Round and for us kids (then!)a bit of a star - he had an article, "An Englishman in Scotland", in Charles Buchan's Football Monthly just prior to that about his time as an English pro footballer in Scotland.
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