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  1. I didn't come away too disheartened on Tuesday night. We were second best to Lowestoft, by a slim margin, on the night but overall it wasn't a one sided contest and on another day it may have been a different result. Here's some video, taken by Dan Wilson... 1st half 2nd half
  2. No, I suppose not, really. But maybe a few of there fans would fancy a Sunday lunchtime KO to make a decent overnighter weekend. There's a 6:15pm direct flight to Gatwick on Sunday evening. Not that I'm counting any chickens or anything
  3. Seems home cup-ties can be an issue for Guernsey. Surprised Dover couldn't reach a compromise:-
  4. Agree with a lot of what EU has said above. The culprits here, in addition to the individual footballers themselves, are the organisations & authorities who allow "sports betting" at this level of football. I've enjoyed the odd bet on a 'ricay result occasionally, and it does add another dimension to the enjoyment of a game. But I don't do it thinking it will make me rich & I wouldn't miss it if it was outlawed. If you draw a line with kids football one end & top level proffesional football at the other, there is a point along that line at which sports betting becomes unworkabl
  5. Some more background info here... http://www.macarthuradvertiser.com.au/story/1778298/revealed-the-international-mr-big-calling-the-shots-in-football-betting/?cs=7
  6. Just wanted to be the first to post First time in a long time I've come away from a 'ricay game with that elated feeling. Just realised how much I miss it. Great performance tonight. A lot of heart & fight shown from all areas of the pitch. Four good goals with Juniors being a touch of class. Richard Halle my MOM Well done to Craig Edwards. The team he put out tonight certainly showed desire and spirit.
  7. Craig "Rages"... http://www.thisistotalessex.co.uk/Craig-Edwards-rages-Blue-Square-Bet-South-match/story-18470342-detail/story.html#axzz2OBAMivvw
  8. Well done Eastside. You've provoked Alan Alger into posting on the Chelmo Soapbox. Think he's feeling a bit aggrieved at his name being drawn into it all, which is a bit ironic if you're a fan of one of the three Essex clubs that have been named for no reason.
  9. Weren't JgFc good ol' mates with your old guvnor at 'ornchurch? Him with the curly locks?
  10. I hardly think calling players "cheats" and telling him to "roll off" the pitch is anti social behaviour? Mind you... "Wasters" is a bit strong.
  11. Just seen your Twitter exchange with Alan Alger this morning, confirming what I said above (love the hashtag!). Bookies sell their Betting products for their own benefit; employees, sharehoders etc.. They are not a public service. If the only way they can make non-league betting a "saleable" product is by colluding with the FA to impose draconian rules on the volunteers and part-time players that make our level of football possible, then they have no place in our game. #getgamblingout
  12. Just listened to Alan Alger on todays BBC Non League Football Show (aired this evening but podcast available now). He gave an interesting "strict" interpretation of the FA Rules about "insider knowledge" which just go to re-enforce my opinion that Bookies have no place at our level of football. Club volunteers, who may know something about a particular players return to fitness, not permitted to discuss it with interested fans? What a load of spherical objects. Non League Football's a competitive sport which, unlike the top levels, needs community and volountary involvement to sur
  13. Was very pleasantly surprised on 3 counts. Thought the pitch played a lot better than it looked (full marks to the ref for making the right decision). Thought the Blues played well and if you'd have parachuted in with no prior knowledge you'd have had trouble telling which team were the league leaders and which were in a relegation battle. And finally, thought that was a really great "10 for 10"! Looking forward to Tuesday evening. More of the same please.
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