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  1. I see George Artemi played for and subsequently has been cup tied by Great Wakering yesterday. Is this a loan move for him to get fit? Edit:- Just seen on the GWR website that its a dual registration.
  2. Looks like Dean Mason has joined Wingate & Finchley. Interestingly, he is listed on their website as a defender.
  3. New signings added to the list. Have to say that if that was Artemi playing no. 4 against Basildon on Monday and seeing Emeka's goals in the same game, I'm really excited by these two signings. Edit - YouTube has some footage of Emeka's goalscoring attributes in Ireland (Goals two and three);
  4. Bradley Woods-Garness removed from the squad.
  5. Going for three at the back are we? ------------------- Brightley ------------------ ------- Bartley - Bry-Ed - Humphrey ------ Sellears ---- Game ---- Smith ---- Dumas ---- Curran ----- Thomas ------ BWG ----
  6. I thought Sellears was our best player against Concord and teamed up with Curran well. Personally I think he'd be wasted in defence though and looks more natural linking the midfield and attackers together.
  7. I would like to have seen Blackwell stay. I thought when he did play he looked solid, but its understandable he chose not to come back as with our current squad I think he wouldn't have been either of the first choice centre-halves. I really liked the look of our trialist 'Keeper last Saturday. I understand he is a product of the Charlton Academy and is only 19 years old. For me that is the type of player we should be looking to snap up, even if it's only a stepping stone for them to get back into the pro game. I think from what I've seen so far this season and providing we make no mor
  8. Billy Hawes, Ben Hawes and Rio Bryan-Edwards added.
  9. Tyron Smith and Jay Nash added to the squad.
  10. Updated now. I've also listed Tommy Kavanagh as departed It appears to the Club are waiting to hear back from Richard Orlu regarding his Dover offer. There was no mention of Tommy Glanville, George Cocklin or Lynvall Duncan.
  11. First XI Squad officially announced for the season so far. Hopefully some re-signings/departures will be confirmed by the Club tonight... Managment Team: Danny Heale (Manager) Goalkeepers: Dale Brightly Tommy Glanville Josh Vickers Defenders: Michael Alaile Rob Bartley Louis Baucutt Rio Bryan-Edwards Ashley Dumas Billy Hawes Nick Humphrey Ellis Sands Midfielders: George Artemi Harrison Chatting Matt Game Ben Hawes James Hawes Jay Nash Sheldon Sellears Tyron Smith Forwards: Spencer Bellotti Jay Curran Emeka Onwubiko Simon Thomas Players Departed: Cliff Akurang (Bishop's Stortfo
  12. I took it to mean that as Rowe's injury last week puts him out for at least four weeks according to Tilly, then he needs to be replaced as we currently only have Curran and Woods-Garness as our recognised strikers for the forseeable future. Losing Rickie Hayles to Hornchurch in the run-up to the end of the season leaves us with only two recognised centre-halves too in Orlu and Blackwell. I think Tilly needs to tell the squad at the end of the season that anyone that doesn't want to play under him next year should leave straight away and then Tilly be given free reign to bring in his ow
  13. Pleased to see the club have signed Rickie Hayles. Thought both our centre halves had good games Saturday, so I wouldn't mind seeing Robbie join either. Chelmsford and Hornchurch will both be good games to test their partnership together, (providing Robbie plays in both) and if they come good together during those I think we will potentially have another exciting partnership on our hands.
  14. I'm half expecting the average age of our squad to drop by about ten years with both Tilson and Crow in charge, plenty of youthful contacts in their portfolios.
  15. Our website says that Tilly has been hired in a full-time capacity, so I imagine he will scale back a bit on his Academy.
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