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  1. Today, a couple of years after the song was first sung, the choir was told by the safety officer at MFC that they should stop swearing (when asked specifically, the safety officer cited the F word used once towards the end of the Everywhere We Go song). The context it is used in is obviously tongue in cheek, and in keeping with the way football should be. If we're going to stamp this out, what is the future for the atmosphere at football? It's going to be like a morgue if we nit-pick. The safety officer, when told by the choir that this is a football match, then proceeded to start getting in peoples faces telling them "don't make this personal", which I thought was unnecessary. Then, I later found out that the safety officer has been instructed to stand behind the choir from now on. Do they want to rid Hartsdown of any atmosphere at all? Sad state of affairs really.
  2. Not too many clubs can say theyve been top of Non League. Great post HDF. Brings back those great memories.
  3. Lets not detract from the title of this thread too much guys. Yesterday's performance was not good. I'm sure the players barely broke sweat. Tomorrow we need much much better.
  4. Sorry, wrong topic to have a day before a huge game.
  5. Can someone make sure the Ramsgate chavs cant climb over the Coffin end perimeter fence. The club stands to lose several hundred pounds if they don't make sure that people cant climb trees and jump over. I've heard round Thanet the past few days that a lot of the away support plan to use this way in to the ground.
  6. Looks to me like we need another delivery of sand at the ground as we are running very low and the pitch needs it if we want games on there.
  7. Drainage is not good at all.
  8. From the gate the pitch does look okay. So I hope you're not going to have a wasted journey on the back of a quick glimpse of the pitch. A large portion of the pitch will be under water. 3pm inspection.
  9. There is not a hope of the game being played tonight
  10. 18 month contract agreed last night.
  11. Leyton now 4 up. Final goal in 88th minute! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  12. Agree with you MH. Beating the then unbeaten league leaders is more of an achievement than beating the three times beaten league leaders when the two games are just a week apart in the middle of a season. Anybody watching both games and making a judgement after viewing would have agreed with us I'm sure. The Ryman officials must just look at results and see that Staines scored one more than we did at Bromley.
  13. Gate Watcher


    I much prefer the relaxed moderating on this forum compared with others.
  14. Quote: Chris1 said: You can't put it down to the keeper or one particular player. Staines were told at half time to get in our face and disrupt our game. They did it; it worked. We weren't able to adapt. We were beaten mentally at that point. Lesson learnt. Spot on as usual there Chris. But it should have been obvious that Staines were going to get a rocket at half time and be told to get in our faces. Ramsgate will be told to get in our faces - we must prepare for teams to play like this. Ramsgate will pack the middle and put a man on our ball playing midfielders to stop us playing. We must be ready for it. We couldnt weather the storm and they gained in confidence with every goal they scored. I'm sure as you say Chris it was just a mental thing and we will be ready on Saturday as we know the team has the class and can adapt. Good first half, agree with SSS we missed Jay from the middle 2nd half. Too easy for Staines, far too much time on the ball 2nd half. SCS back PLEASE on Saturday. Crap 2nd half so lets get a win Saturday that is vitally important. Carshalton can be very in your face so we must be ready for that.
  15. There will be no further rainfall before kick off at HDP.
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