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  1. are people seriously trying to suggest that swearing isn't apart of normal society? If people are really that concerned about their kids hearing swear words then please make sure that they never leave the house, not even for school, because whether you like it or not there is a very good chance that your kid is swearing at school or is hearing friends swear, who originally heard from their parents. You can't shield children from these things it is impossible and the club is wasting it's time in trying to get people to clean up it's act. The club is essentially asking a lot of people to cha
  2. Probably not because where we would get better attendances for those and tbh I can't see games like Margate v Faversham or Margate v Sittingbourne attracting a larger attendance. Add that to the fact that most of our games won't be local derbies over the course of the season our average attendance will probably be down
  3. The only way we will get supporters back through the door is if we are winning games and if we actually get the full go ahead with the building of the stadium. The last few seasons we have had many false dawns with the stadium and we have been more then poor in the league and it is no coincidence that people have decided to stay away. The fact we live in one of the most financially depressed areas in the country doesn't help much either
  4. Here is mine 1. Lowestoft 2. Hampton & Richmond 3. Wealdstone 4. Bury 5. Lewes 6. Whitehawk 7. Kingstonian 8. Margate 9. Carshalton 10. Cray 11. Met Police 12. Concord 13. Thurrock 14. Canvey 15. Enfield 16. East Thurrock 17. Bognor 18. Hendon 19. Wingate & Finchley 20. Leiston 21. Hastings 22. Harrow
  5. The people who boo him aren't TRUE Margate supporters anyway so I'm sure Bradbrook takes no notice of them.
  6. being that Charlton has just been called off, I'm going to be very surprised if it goes ahead
  7. it's all here http://www.skybet.com/cms/breaking-transfer-news.shtm?name=Kwesi+Appiah
  8. Now read your last sentance and then realise how hypocritical and patronising you have been towards us. Hypocritical NO Patronising Probably but then again it is necessary as whenever this issue appear certain members of the choir think they have done nothing wrong. When those of us in the choir of the late 1970s/1980s sang there was no need for swear words and and yes we all knew certain people swore at matches but didnt actually feel the need to join in He was calling us morons whilst claiming that we are offensive, so to me that is being hypocritical. I find it hard to
  9. Why do people insist on making us out to be someone who we are not, giving us the supporters a bad name. It just seems that people think that the atmosphere at a football match should be equivalent to that of a bowls match. You get swearing and always will do and has always been there and the sooner people realise that the sooner we can move on from this pathetic argument. If you don't like hearing naughty words then why did you ever go to a football match, or even leave your house for that matter? I hear swearing all the time at midday when watching football on the tele, no one moans about th
  10. I see I jumped the gun, I still reckon it needs to be a prestigious club one that will see 4,000 through the gates
  11. No it won't, take 2,000 of that figure and I may be inclined to agree with you. We want a friendly that is going to raise local peoples awareness. I've never known a friendly between 2 non-league clubs to do that
  12. Are you really moaning about the Nazi's being seen in a bad light?? And also how can you be anti-semetic towards someone who is jokingly being put down as a Nazi?? This banter (and it is banter) between English and Germans has been going on for years, it's a rivalry and like all rivalries it's about bragging rights and WWII is the only thing we can brag about. If the keeper is seriously offended by this then I'm surprised he hasn't given up football and I'll be very surprised if he is offended and I'll be surprised if any German is offended by being called a Nazi. Now obviously I wasn'
  13. And this is very telling. Good to see Kwes is keeping his feet firmly on the floor http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/12691/7442384/Striker-shuns-Pool-move
  14. http://www.thisiskent.co.uk/Kwesi-Appiah-rejects-Blackpool/story-14976503-detail/story.html Says more then what the club have posted on the website.
  15. I didn't get to vote in time, as i've only just seen his name added and my vote would have been for Rob. I want there to be a full judicial review of the voting process.
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