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  1. 08-April 11 - Happy Birthday Gravesendiron :)

  2. 08-April 10 - Happy Birthday Gravesendiron :)

  3. I dont know how it all works but i reckon it will take a while which halts the progression of the cup
  4. Saturday 27 January 2007 club news Further club statement The following is the text of a leaflet handed out before the match at Kingsmeadow this afternoon: "Club statement re the FA’s decision to remove AFC Wimbledon from the FA Trophy As many people will know, last week the FA charged AFC Wimbledon with playing Jermaine Darlington in the FA Trophy game against Gravesend without first obtaining an International Transfer Certificate, which is required when a player moves from under the regulation of the Welsh FA to the English FA. We have published statements about this on
  5. So i quote lager tops comment using the word [****!!****] and it get blanked out. So how comes his is not and he gets away with his insults.
  6. I am neither young or old but when someone comes on here and starts posting we are bunch of tossers i think this deserves a reaction. I notice he hasnt posted since. If any of you were called a [****!!****] to your face in the ground what would your reaction be?????????? Me personally would smack the prick straight in the face.
  7. If all you can do is come on here slag us off and call us tossers then why dont you piss right off to another site. And i dont give a damn if i get banned for my views
  8. There is a time and place for banter like that and today was not one of them. With 200 fans and no noise you could hear a gnat fart. I was over the far side where the crap food vans normally are and i heard what was shouted. I do not blame Kimble for reacting as he is only human although without the swearing. After the match he went over there with Daish and sorted it out,gave his shirt away,signed autographs and shook hands. A great day,a good game ruined by a stupid prat on the terraces.
  9. Just a shame that the food is crap.
  10. Also on Millwalls website they said that GNFC had contacted them about a possible groundshare at Bluewater. Even more reason not to go. Who would want to ground share with that scum. Just as bad as the medway pikies
  11. I can where the club are coming from esp with the potential finacial implications but that name change will not go down well at all. I for one would NOT go and watch any more.
  12. Do you reckon he would understand a picture???
  13. I know some good educational websites Mr pissed off. If you can read this then you are one off the wrist.
  14. Are you ok mate? It seems like you are either pissed or didnt go to school. Try writing and spelling properly or do one
  15. Both Roberts and Moore were guilty of too much mouth and hand gestures so they get what they deserve. Roberts even spits in the direction of opposing supporters- dirty f**%^%g animal.
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