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  1. 03-December 10 - Happy Birthday Brewerytown :)

  2. I read today they can only have one of Setanta's two packages, who else does that leave.
  3. Coup, is that the same Crozier who nearly bankrupted the F.A. before he was put in charge of slimming down Royal Mail for a sell off and has just had a 700 grand bonus. Just wondered.
  4. What hes taking over at Aveley?
  5. It was because of the slaughter they witnessed as Lieutenants and captains in the first world war that we had good generals and Field Marshall's in the second.
  6. I shall put your suggestion to Mr G and Mr E.
  7. Thought you were a bit cranky yesterday.
  8. I think that the feller who did the bar, tea, sorted out the officials, and did the secretary's job should have phoned us all individually to tell us it was on, very poor show.
  9. I have heard rumours on the Romford website issue, perhaps the gentleman involved can give us an update.
  10. Just been informed that the home game with Clapton tomorrow is off as well.
  11. So here we go again, what it needs is someone (who isn't already doing several jobs for the club) to stick their hand up to volunteer to update the website, sits back and waits for the usual excuses.
  12. Originally Posted By: richard193 i watched ricay 1 urchins 0,afternoon ruined by sickening anti romford chanting by drunken urchins. Does this old Boro fans heart good to think that we are still in their thoughts.
  13. You wouldnt ask that question if you had seen the state he was in yesterday.
  14. Originally Posted By: richard193 charged one pound last night for a cup of tea at the Romford match,yes thats 100 pence for a tea bag,paper cup and drop of milk is this a ESL first?? Have you upset the feller serving in the past, got mine for 50p
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