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  1. Not a good breakfast time in the Cowley household this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ware have cheated today in a way that I thought we would not see at this level. We will hear a lot more about this.
  3. Did Urchins have investors that new nought about football as well and they wern't even foreign? LOL


    Glad to see I am not deleted. Merry Xmas Boys and Girls! May your Uncle go with you!


    How is the share issue going? Will UU be allowed to participate or would that be encouraging "eastsider dealing" ?
  6. Hi Boys Its ok we are not sulking after defeat, its just we allhave an issue with the new layout of this forum and are preferring our own one at www.romford.fc.com. Do sign up to it and have a chat with us.
  7. Sorry Concord I apologise for Chancer trying to come on to your site just to wind things up. He was not at the game and infact has not been at a game for a couple of years.
  8. Originally Posted By: Kaiser Jnr On the bright side, Cody McDonald did score for Norwich. He is lem. On the even brighter side it means we are better than Norwich!
  9. Originally Posted By: Serious Sid Colin and his team are working on a five year plan to get AFC Hornchurch into the Conference National (FACT not fiction). Glad that your going to survive Sid, but the above bit worries me. We have heard so many clubs come out with that over recent seasons only for someone with the wrong motives to lead those clubs to a bad place. Whatever your goals are, it must be done with economic viability and by people who have genuine interest in the club.
  10. Originally Posted By: Lightweight Good luck John ditto
  11. Originally Posted By: Rhodes Very sad, RIP. What about the O2 concerts, I assume the punters get refunds. Honest assessment. Yes he was a wierdo, yes concerns remain re his activities with kids............ however whether you like his style of music or not he was simply one of the most talented artists of the modern era. Many of us have grown up with him, and I have to say (maybe a generation thing) this news is as big as if not bigger than Elvis. I saw Jacko once at Wembley back in the late 90's. Took my nephew for his tenth birthday....... I left my glasses in the car so couldn't see a bloody thing.
  12. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist Does anyone know when this takes place,hopefully we can get romford and stuff the mugs!!! A bit optimistic to think you will still have a team next season?
  13. Originally Posted By: MOB on the rock I dunno who declared pandemic it werent me!! Zody or Richard 123 I reckon!
  14. Originally Posted By: Big J R I think this was going a bit far though ! Yeah dipping them in batter would have been better!
  15. Originally Posted By: Hookey What? Boroman, I don't know the ins and outs of this particular dispute so I can't comment, but no one goes on strike lightly. You mention "Maggie" in an affectionate term but I think she is the most repulsive creature I've ever encountered. I hate her with a passion you could only imagine, yet my angst would pale into insignificance compared with those of the mining communities of the 80's. The bottom line is this, it is the right (if not, with the exception of servicemen/women, it should be) of every working man or woman to withdraw his or her labour if that is the only course of action available to them in order to get a fair deal from their employers. Please don't say if they don't like it they should leave, that would be too simplistic. Also I am not so naive as not to realise that some Union leaders have communistic/socialist agendas, and that to them their members are just pawns! Blimey....... spoken like a true Basildon socialist.
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