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  1. Probably talking to myself now, but anyway: As if by magic, the Coleman set is completed: Omari's now at Hayes and Yeading. Jamie Turner on loan at Ramsgate from Welling. Non-playing sub Jackson 'Five' Ohakam at Margate.
  2. Ludovic Quistin released by Weston-super-Mare. Nathan Bunce made his debut for Uxbridge on Saturday and conceded a penalty.
  3. And Liam Coleman is now at Northwich. I don't have any new Omari Coleman news, unfortunately.
  4. Tony 'Morecambe slayer' Battersby now at Bedford Town. Darren 'not the goalkeeper, the midfielder' Smith has joined Folkestone from Chatham.
  5. Thanks chaps. No need to worry about the Anselin card, Stu - the superb Chris Triantis news gem was a perfectly adequate birthday present.
  6. More keeper news: Jamie Turner's been transfer-listed by Welling, as he's being kept out of the team by another ex-Fleet goalie, Clark Masters (on loan from Southend).
  7. Not exactly ex-Fleet player news, but Sam Mott (as he has before) was playing for Croydon Athletic on Saturday while Rob French warmed the away bench at the Abbey.
  8. Originally Posted By: Our Team For all of our endevour today at Cambridge it was so sad to see us so bereft of shots at goal...did their keeper actually have to make a save apart from Rickets wayward cross? He parried away a shot from Gash down low in the first half to be fair. Admittedly, yesterday's opposition were strong and defeat at the Abbey is no disgrace, but paying
  9. No Weymouth players left the club before the loan deadline in the end. St Aimie ended up at Stevenage on loan.
  10. Mark 'gives it his all' Rawle back at Kettering from Redditch - Kettering no doubt banking on his ability to both set up and score goals simultaneously.
  11. And 'Evil' hasn't scored in open play since early September according to nightclub bouncer lookalike Gary Brabin - around the time of his goal at Stonebridge Road mentioned by Jeff.
  12. Originally Posted By: BustaGut Can you not go across on the Gravesend ferry, and catch a train from Tilbury, or does ferry shut down to early for return? Have not looked just inquiring ? Er, do you know where Bognor is? Originally Posted By: Ian_D I couple of seasons ago when we played Grays (when we lost 5-1) Pedantry alert: if only it had been just the five.
  13. Mark's yellow card yesterday was his fifth of the season, so he'll miss the Stevenage Setanta Shield match. Happily, by virtue of the Kettering game being put back 24 hours, he'll be available for the Cambridge United match.
  14. One sub appearance at home to Canvey in 04/05, I believe. Stu will be distraught that I've beaten him to it on this.
  15. And, in fairness, Bowes, having made three sub appearances, is a Fleet veteran compared to the mighty Cedric, whose tour of all Norfolk football clubs must be complete, meaning he's now moved onto Suffolk.
  16. Steve McKimm was at the game today.
  17. In his programme notes he signs off as 'The Blue Square Premier's Special One'. He's reached such levels of contemptibility one can only assume he does it all knowingly as one big wind-up.
  18. So you didn't mean Mike Skinner's rapping friends The Mitchell Brothers then?
  19. A disappointingly mainstream follow-up to my previous post, I know, but Jimmy Bullard's a late call-up for the England squad to cover for injuries.
  20. Originally Posted By: Dave EUFC I may be wrong but didn't we have a game on a sunday after playing the day before on the Saturday way back? Im talking earlyish Craig Wilkins era if that helps. Possibly Dr. Martens or early Ryman days? Yes, in 2000/2001 - we lost 1-0 at home to Maidenhead on Sunday 22nd April (a 1:30pm kick-off, strangely), having lost 2-1 at Grays the day before. The season was badly hit by rain, if I recall, with all teams cramming in lots of games towards the end - so much so that mid-table Hendon didn't even complete their season, still having a couple of games left.
  21. I hate to be pedantic (by which of course I mean I love it), but James Smith's goal was a bit of a grey area in this regard, since it was set up by a diagonal ball in from Jamie Hand, presumably after a corner had been cleared.
  22. Fisher have stopped paying their players and several have been released; Simon 'dual registration' Overland among those to depart.
  23. For those who missed it... As confirmed by the FA site and the official site's match preview, Jamie's booking against Crewe was his fifth of the season, and he therefore misses tomorrow's match through suspension.
  24. Quite a basic, unquestioning overview, of course. Discussions about, for example, how the 'wisdom of the crowds' selected an away strip that couldn't be worn in about half our away matches, or how MyFC's strapline can never feasibly fully come to pass, were surprisingly absent.
  25. Let's be fair, chaps - the apparently vital importance of screening all Leeds cup ties on television clearly takes precedence over all other concerns...
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