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  1. Also, Fleet debutant extraordinaire Cedric Ngakam scored for Dulwich Hamlet.
  2. Originally Posted By: Riverview Supporter You have to laugh at the BBC headline though "Aaron Webster hit a brace and Keith Gilroy struck once as Burton saw off 10-man Ebbsfleet." The fact that ricketts was dismissed in the dying second/seconds is lost on this headline. To be honest this report's headline and opening paragraph make the BBC's effort look like the pinnacle of journalism. Bizarre... Concern about tactics (and personnel to an extent - Hand's continued absence from the starting XI is somewhat surprising, given he's been fit enough to make the bench in the last few games) is justified in places. Putting things in perspective, today's result, although our first defeat at the Pirelli Stadium in five visits, is no disgrace away to one of the division's strongest sides. Nonetheless, the run of straight league defeats makes the Barrow game in two weeks' time particularly important.
  3. Originally Posted By: eufckev Hallo, did jc get something wrong?? Please say he has! Mitigating circumstances, I'd like to think - he was still starting for them on Saturday, as the NLP informed me. I'll leave it to my superiors (Jimmy and Stu) to adjudicate.
  4. Austin Berkley now at Croydon (not Athletic; the Kent League one). Midget pre-season trialist Jamie Wood played his 400th game for Cray last Saturday apparently. Lee Gledhill now at Folkestone. Why did they call him 'Conkers'?
  5. As posted on the Margate forum: Robin Trott is back at Billericay for a third spell - and Adrian 'more to come from this youngster' Deane is there too, on loan from Braintree.
  6. jc


    Sacha's yellow card against Torquay was his fifth of the season, so he'll miss the Woking game (as confirmed on the FA site).
  7. I can only reply in mitigation that the excitement of seeing mention of the great 5'4" goal machine blinded me to any accompanying news at the time. A feeble excuse, but one of which I'm sure Halfway Liners in particular would at least partially approve.
  8. The NLP's match reports are my oracle.
  9. His third spell there, apparently. Luke McShane's at Spalding. Danny Glozier now at Brentwood. And, most gloriously obscurely of all, former PASE player Aiden Pursglove is at Erith and Belvedere.
  10. As the report on the official site confirms, it's our first four-game losing streak since the end of 04/05. However, that's for league games only - it's the last four games of 05/06 if you include all competitions (that run included the KSC final defeat to Bromley). The previous run of four straight league defeats before 04/05 (in which we scored no goals in reply; at least this time we've managed one) was the first four games of 03/04 (when we had no forwards after the departure of Che, the Beast and Wilkins) I'll take my anorak off now.
  11. Will the corresponding news item on the website (also removed) be replaced by something more neutral in the meantime, just to summarize the official status quo?
  12. Originally Posted By: Jimmy Originally Posted By: jc Lucky me. I wonder if he will taste of "donkey meat"? Or, at the very least, some foodstuff derived from "animals".
  13. I was going to declare that punishment void, but Kenny is an ex-Fleet player in a way, having played in a supporters' team game at Canvey once. Lucky me.
  14. Originally Posted By: Jimmy Originally Posted By: Jimmy Rio Alderton signs for Sittingbourne on loan for a month. Wheel etc. But my post provided additional information. In no way is this post intended to look for lame excuses to mask the fact I've been caught out, of course. Stu and Jimmy must decide my punishment - suitably obscure ex-Fleet player-themed, I'd like to think.
  15. Matt 'so much better than Rouse' Lovell now at East Thurrock. Lee Maskell to Chatham Town. Rio Alderton on loan at Sittingbourne from Enfield Town. O/T: Also from the NLP, apparently Paul Jarvis scored the winner and was man of the match for Tiverton Town against Yate Town in a 3-2 victory yesterday. I could have sworn I saw him at Aggborough... must have been a Friday night game or something.
  16. Kiddy's huge improvement and sudden impetus after the break really shocked us - I suspect the fact we didn't have to play too well or create too much to go in at half time ahead contributed to our second half downfall. Our first three-game losing streak since last September - which coincidentally also included a 1-0 home defeat to Histon, I'm sure you'll be enraptured to hear. Originally Posted By: razzlered Well from listening to it on the radio i'd say we really missed darius today! In my opinion and on a few weeks performances now i think as a defending midfielder jamie hand is being caught out as he doesn't move and as a defensive midfleder needs to be helping out more. Gash i feel is unfortunate as he isn't gonna win all these high balls. Hawkins done ok today as he has been in and out and stone had a very good game as far as i could hear and as radio said, but second half everyone seemed to fade. Ricketts done ok to and macca was usual self but can't dop it all! Should ibe get more chance up front???? Italics are my emphasis. I think nothing more needs to be said.
  17. Useless fact alert: Darius is the first Fleet player to receive a second yellow for diving since Moussa Sidibe in the first game of the 2004/2005 season. The difference being, in this case, that it wasn't one. I think a mixture of both sides of the argument is the reality here - both more restrained players and less pernickety officials are required.
  18. Originally Posted By: mikefleet a new rule to the bsp this year if the manager gets sent off he can't go to the stands like before. He has to leave the ground where he cant see any of the match! Stupid rule i think! Presumably it was a rule brought in purely to discourage Steve Evans from getting sent from the dugout every other match. Originally Posted By: Jeff First of all, it was rumoured that he punched the ref and he would have had good reason. We were denied a clear penalty for a handball and Alty got every 50/50 decision until they took the lead from a free kick that never should have been one. The handball shout looked ball to hand to me, and it wasn't a desperately bad refereeing performance overall. And, had Daish punched the ref, I'm sure we'd all admit that that could never be justified, regardless of the quality of refereeing performance. The fact that we've won only one point from the four games that McCarthy has missed this season is probably the most salient statistic after yesterday's defeat.
  19. It does beg the question why we were allowed to wear our white shirts against a team with a half-white home shirt, but not against Wrexham, who had the tiniest amount of white on their home shirts' side panels.
  20. Originally Posted By: eufckev Is the Conference biased towards us? Or, more plausibly, perhaps Alty didn't agree to it. And nor would I have done, in their position.
  21. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars This season we have only won in red. I must have dreamt that we won at The New Lawn then. (Pedant's disclaimer: unless you're including red shorts...)
  22. More of a shame, though, is that it's another missed opportunity to revive the Pat Gradley thread.
  23. Originally Posted By: New Boy We are a mix of fans but all live within Kent and looking forward to a good night of enjoyable football. On the basis of the equivalent fixture last year, this may not be the best match to choose.
  24. Originally Posted By: Darter if AFC Hornchurch played the Fleet, I would be standing with the Hornchurch fans who have welcomed me so warmly to their club this year and who don't seem to have an issue with a football fan wanting more than one team to be successful! Yes - Hornchurch and West Ham, most probably. Confguide in-joke alert: Classic NLL.
  25. Not sure he often, if ever, played on the right of a back four - maybe a back three, since we often employed that system in that season (with Slatter often as wing-back).
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