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  1. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin gash (8) long (29) 2-0 half time The first goal should really be credited to Moore, since he tapped the ball in on the line after it had come off the post and then the 'keeper's back.
  2. Richard Dimmock was in Cray's starting XI yesterday.
  3. Originally Posted By: Jimmy Robin Trott and Chris Moore released by Welling. Joe Howe has also left - as discovered here, which also contained an interesting quote from Andy Ford on Moore: Originally Posted By: Andy Ford We're trying to play more from the back this year and that isn't one of Chris's strengths. In my eyes it was the right decision to make. Reproduced here for the benefit of all those who remember his legendary side-foot ball over the top during his time at Stonebridge Road.
  4. Gavin Heeroo spending pre-season at Sutton United.
  5. Couldn't have put it better myself Stu - it certainly illustrates the increased fragility of one's support for the Fleet specifically if it is forged through an Internet project rather than the traditional sources of family, location etc.
  6. I was watching Bergerac last night, for those that are interested. No-one? Oh. I heard a rumour that Jay Jay's very interested in a move to Stonebridge Road - but only if Oliver Bierhoff signs with him. My only disappointment about the opening post of this thread (top trolling, by the way - or at least I hope it was) was that it didn't feature the classic football cliche 'do a job at this level'...
  7. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars That won't happen. Are you sure? They have lost the Shop, any shares Trust members own are now(virtually)worthless, they have no say in running the Club, what is the point in carrying on? You seem to have answered your own question in your next paragraph: Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 I hope you are right and they don't quit, because I want to think they might step in when/if MyFC folds. In addition, some Trust duties, such as official away travel, remain unaffected.
  8. Mark 'Benno' Bentley appointed captain at Gills. Not quite ex-Fleet player news gold like the Schweiso item above, but at least it saves Pat Gradley from third-page obscurity.
  9. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars One or two other forumers, who both also happen to be at Glasto, saw Liam at another music concert although I forget who it was. 'Twas the 2006 NME Awards Tour gig at Portsmouth Guildhall (Mystery Jets, We Are Scientists, Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park). Try as I might, I'm afraid I was unable to spot Mr Daish while roaming the fields of Worthy Farm at the weekend. He also once revealed in a Q&A in the Fleet programme that he is a fan of the legend that is Morrissey, by the way.
  10. On the subject of one-time pre-season trialists, Matt Nolan's left King's Lynn. Apologies for this not matching up to the obscurity of Ryan Maxwell - in terms of minutes played, Nolan was a stalwart in comparison. Must try harder...
  11. Superb post Wobbly - you're not the only one for whom attaining League status isn't the be-all and end-all. Indeed, it concerns me that the Club may be so set on this that budgetary over-reaching may continue, keeping the Club in potential jeopardy. Ultimately, our fanbase attending matches is much the same as it has been for several years, and if the consequence of this is a slide down the division and even out of the Conference, then so be it - it wouldn't affect my support for the Club one bit. Living within our means is preferable to bankruptcy; MyFC or no MyFC, we shouldn't be trying to be something we're not by spending money we don't have (the cash injection from MyFC, after all, is still covering previous and ongoing monthly losses).
  12. I'm sure all members voting on the line-up for that Charlton game will be sufficiently clued up on all the available players, including trialists and new signings, to know who to select...
  13. Andy Ford invites Lee 'Spills' Spiller (currently at Sittingbourne) to Welling's pre-season training.
  14. Robin Trott joins Welling as a player, after his player/manager stint at Margate.
  15. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz To be fair, probably only us old fossils call him Jack, but at least he acknowledges the nickname!!! Jack is one of the many nicknames Peter has. Others include Bruce Forsyth. JC will be able to feel you in with the rest of his names. I think I'll leave that to Jimmy, since he created them.
  16. jc


    And such a high proportion of worthwhile posts amongst that 400 as well.
  17. The player referenced previously was Team Bath's Sean Canham.
  18. Try 'confguide' (now on conferenceforum.co.uk) - I'm sure they'll be able to give you a useful and sensible reply.
  19. Originally Posted By: Stu M I've lined up a special surprise for Jimmy. Celebrity bumps. Some of Jimmy's favourite ever Fleet players give him the bumps including Hamid Barr, Tony Battersby, Jamie Guy and Ryan Peters. If Balbir Belia's not there I suspect it'll be a deal breaker. Many happy returns chaps.
  20. Originally Posted By: KShep Well I like my 'We all dream of a team of Chris McPhee's' masterpiece but I'm not so sure others do. I think it's very good - although my personal favourite remains 'Take Me Home'.
  21. Confirmed on Sutton's site. Also, I can't believe this hasn't already been posted: Jacko has signed for Folkestone. I can only assume you all thought the news too obvious and mainstream for a thread based on obscurity.
  22. Originally Posted By: StuThompson Originally Posted By: Bernard The Shepherd Neame promotion shift has a slightly different collar to the one the year before. I think one was just black, and the other was black with a red stripe. I can't remember which was which, however. Promotion shirt had the stripe. The 2000-2001 shirt had a couple of red stripes on the collar; the 2001-2002 shirt's collar had two wavy stripes, one white, one red. If there's one thing better than pedantry, it's 'out-pedanting' pedants.
  23. Originally Posted By: David Holden Personally, I would prefer a fully fit Gary MacDonald, it may be that Ross has come on in the past year, but he did have the tendancy to go into "headless chicken" mode every so often and end up running around out of position. In Ross' defence, this mainly seemed to occur in his second season with us when the majority of the time we were playing 3-5-2; he looked more comfortable in the 4-4-2 formation that we have now reverted to.
  24. Braintree is also the current location of Adrian 'more to come from this youngster' Deane.
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