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  1. Six players announced as having signed up for next year by my reckoning now. Anyway, where are all the scare-mongering 'we'll only have six players signed up for the new season' posts, as is customary for May? I'm disappointed - they always provide a great source of amusement...
  2. Phil Handford steps down as Andy Ford's assistant at Welling.
  3. Originally Posted By: Stu M I have a nasty feeling that if I went to prison for 30 years and then got out and logged in, this bloody thread would still be going on... :| MSN Messenger must be broken.
  4. Good to see Graham Taylor (far left) revealing his true allegiance.
  5. Originally Posted By: Jimmy Bostwick for me - immense - didn't misplace a pass and won every loose ball that came his way. Some of his defensive interventions were superb too - just shading Akinde for the accolade for me. On the subject, why was McPhee rather bizarrely presented with the match ball in a perspex box? Originally Posted By: Jimmy How he wasn't young player of the year I don't know - he is only 19! A valid point, given that 'Tall John', albeit making a greater impact, only properly broke into the first team in December.
  6. Originally Posted By: Red Neck Originally Posted By: BustaGut Agree absolutely a brilliant day, plus had the legendary Jimmy Jackson sitting just two seats behind me, was the icing on the cake. Yeah, we saw Jacko and girlfriend/partner/wife, too. Outside Wembley as we were about to queue to get in. Gave him a 'Alright Jacko', and the thumbs up. Got a smile and a wave back. After the match, we bumped into Jacko and he told us Torquay 'never looked like scoring', or words to that effect. Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing? Or maybe he didn't share my unbearable second half nerves... I hope I wasn't the only one with tears in my eyes as the final whistle blew - an unforgettable day.
  7. Originally Posted By: Addick John Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool etc. shirt-wearers will be given the option of removing said item or being turned away at the gate; unfortunately, Charlton shirt-wearers will have no such option; Wembley stewards have been instructed to refuse entry immediately. Apologies.
  8. Originally Posted By: Stu M Oi, the penalty for polluting the Pat Gradley thread with pointless chit-chat about real football is to be summarily executed by being disembowelled by JC and Jimmy. Sharp implements at the ready, Stu - fortunately for the above offenders, I presume the efficient Wembley stewards will confiscate them from me tomorrow. Originally Posted By: Stu M Now let's haul this back on topic. And in some style too - early Nineties carthorse Amade Chababe is at Ajax U17s training for his coaching badges. Beat that JC... I can't beat it in terms of obscurity, but hopefully I can in terms of comedy. Amongst the pages of match previews in yesterday's local papers, the Distorter had a page with an idiot's guide to the Fleet, including a list of 'famous ex-players'. This included the usual mixture of legends from decades ago (e.g. Logie) and current Premier League/Football League players (e.g. Bullard), but there was one name rather surprisingly considered famous: Romauld Bouadji. Eh?
  9. One can only hope people don't take 'something red' to mean Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool etc. shirts. Originally Posted By: Red Neck Reminded my son and daughter to dig out their Gravesend Reporter, pre-Conference shirts for the day. Gravesend Reporter was first season back in the Conference onwards. Yours, A. Pedant.
  10. Owing to David James' injury, Jamie Ashdown made a rare appearance for Portsmouth yesterday, and could be in contention for the Cup final if James doesn't recover in time. This thread had been relegated to page 6 - scandalous.
  11. Best of luck to the lads tomorrow - 'there [sic] last game before Wembley', apparently, according to a Club advert in yesterday's Distorter. Such professionalism... Anyway, besides the impressive grammatical error, perhaps they know something we don't, and Cray have already won their play-off semi-final.
  12. Craig Holloway is back playing at last; he's at Bromley. Aaron 'Satan' Barnett is now at Molesey.
  13. Alty's site today states late kick-offs for everyone on that day have been confirmed.
  14. This clarification is welcome - but it makes the initial news item on the official website look foolishly ambiguous, given the ire it has stoked in the 173-post (and counting) thread. Looking back on the last 24 hours or so with hindsight, it seems the problem here is less with decision-making and more with communication. And after the name change, we should really be used to the latter by now.
  15. Ex-Fleet players on the scoresheet on Saturday were Messrs Hatch, Stadhart, Briggs, Jackson and Booth; Darren Smith scored two and Pinnock got a hat-trick. Oh, and for Stu's benefit, Matt Carruthers scored an own goal in Faversham's 5-0 defeat to VCD.
  16. Originally Posted By: chris blanc I spent a few hours today with rsheard (excuse if a spelling mistake). How many games has he been to? Today makes one. But the guy flew over from N Carolina to be here. He and his son will make 4 games, go home and be back for Wembley, what more could you ask for?? It's a difficult quandary for me. On the one hand, such an effort can only be commended, but the trend of supporting clubs other than one's local side is still a regretful one in my view. Obviously, for those from other countries where the non-league system that we know is absent, this can be a trickier issue. But it's the origin of supportership that concerns me - it's all still so unfathomable to me. As Jeff has pointed out in another context elsewhere, MyFC members with no previous allegiance to the Fleet are only supporting us because that's the club MyFC took over - it's pure chance. Where's the deep-down, ingrained emotional connection when you take away local pride, compared to any other non-league side from anywhere else in the country?
  17. Originally Posted By: Bernard What was most galling, though, was the 'We're going to Wembley, you're not' chant by the MyFC brigade. I can't help thinking of the word 'bandwagon' here. A chant also briefly aired on Tuesday, bizarrely, by an individual who was presumably oblivious to the fact that Kiddy have actually been to Wembley quite recently themselves.
  18. Originally Posted By: eufckev Where do you get all these stats from? The former was from the NLP in this case; the latter (as with most of them) was from my tragically obsessive brain.
  19. The sort of victory that the phrase 'ground out' was invented for. A couple of interesting (or sad, depending on your point of view) facts arising from yesterday's game: it was York's first home league defeat under Colin Walker, apparently; and our defensive record at Bootham Crescent is identically good as ours at the Pirelli - only one goal conceded in four visits.
  20. According the the FA site, Sacha's suspended for two matches from 28th March, so it appears his booking at Stevenage was his tenth of the season, and he'll miss the matches against York and Kiddy. On another note, top marks to whoever produced the banner unfurled in all its glory just before the final whistle last night, with the motto 'Ebbsfleet for life - not just Wembley', or similar - my sentiments entirely.
  21. Akinde's goal was our first goal at Broadhall Way since Matt Lee's late equalizer in 2003 - so we should really be getting used to disappointing displays there by now. In the three league games MacDonald has started since his return from injury, we've conceded three each time (Rushden, Northwich and last night), and a further two after he came on at Histon. It's only fair to cut him some slack after such a long lay-off, but the fact that the absence of any two of Hawkins, Smith and McCarthy from the centre of defence is sorely felt is indisputable. I'm in total agreement with those above on Ricketts - he's arguably our most consistent performer and should be one of the first names on the team sheet. It's interesting to note the calming influence he provided to the defence last night (and at Aldershot, for that matter) when he came on, helping to ensure that no further goals were shipped. It's important not to get too down after what, after all, were two defeats away to sides above us in the table. But there is a danger that the distraction of Wembley will become all-consuming, to the detriment of league performances. There are still several league games to go, and it's vital we ensure this doesn't happen. Wembley really shouldn't be the be-all and end-all from now on, even if our chances of reaching the top five are somewhat slim now.
  22. Originally Posted By: Special K Full time and we can thank that prick of a ref for a loss. Oh dear - I thought I'd warned you about this sort of thing before... True, we had a strong penalty shout when Long was brought down in the box in the second half, but that doesn't disguise the fact we were largely second best after the break having finished the first half so strongly.
  23. Other ex-Fleet players finding the net on Saturday included Joel Ledgister (again), Jamie Coyle for Dartford and - my personal favourite - Romauld Bouadji, who netted a late equalizer for Tooting and Mitcham. Oh, and Robert 'Robbie' Watkins is now at Walton and Hersham.
  24. ...precisely three years ago yesterday, was the date of our crushing Trophy quarter-final replay defeat to Bishop's Stortford. Something to ponder... Well done to all who travelled yesterday - the mass celebrations that greeted our goal will live long in the memory.
  25. Originally Posted By: Alan W (GNFC) we were unbeaten at home since Dec 8th when we lost to York Coincidentally, that game was the last time before last night that we kicked the 'wrong' way (i.e. towards the Plough End) in the first half. So now you know what to blame for last night's defeat, in lieu of the Trophy. Originally Posted By: Bill Kent Galeforce winds may have stopped fans from venturing outside. Have they assumed that the match may not have been on due to the weather? You get the impression that people are almost looking for an excuse not to go sometimes. Which is a pity, as mixing going to games like Saturday's with last night's make for a variety of experiences that is all part of the appeal for me. Last night was probably our worst league performance since Histon at home earlier in the season. But it was only one game. After Saturday our Trophy fate will be resolved - we'll either be in a final after the league season has concluded, or we won't. Hopefully, then, we can concentrate with a renewed focus on picking up as many points in the league as possible and seeing where it leaves us, starting with Histon away on Tuesday.
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