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  1. Other ex-Fleet players on the scoresheet on Saturday included Joel Ledgister (Hayes), Che (two for Thurrock), Jacko (the winner for Margate), Leroy Huggins (VCD) and Mike McKenna (Faversham Town). And Anthony Hogg's now at Ashford Town.
  2. Originally Posted By: Graham S The greatest match ever, for me so far, in over 35 years of watching the Fleet and I don't think I'm just saying that in the afterglow of a great result. Quite a statement. I suppose it depends on whether you're talking just in terms of the entertainment value of the match itself - if so, it could be a contender. For sheer joy at the outcome and its wider significance, Bedford still takes the accolade for me. A terrific game nonetheless - the switch from frustration at conceding after missing good chances to go further ahead to euphoria at our wonderfully well-worked third goal was quite something, and will live long in the memory. But it was only the first leg - complete the job next week, and I suspect it would take quite a while to sink in.
  3. Every time I think the standard of this thread cannot get any better, I'm proved wrong. Superb work.
  4. Francis Vines resigns at Amazingstoke in protest at the board releasing (amongst others) Robert 'he's crap' Watkins.
  5. Originally Posted By: Stu M From the Salisbury forum: Quote: We all know we're a far better footballing team than Fleet. We all know the Ref stank, and was the biggest homer all season. Presumably they're referring at least in part to the penalty claim against Ricketts for handball in the second half - it could hardly have been described as 'intentional'. There was that rather comic incident when Moore won a free kick for falling over the ball in the first half though. Last night was a proper non-league game, with bitterly cold weather, subdued atmosphere and a meagre attendance - as though MyFC never happened...
  6. Originally Posted By: Arithon In ajnswer to th complaint that MYFC members only go to away matches, it simply isn't true. The Burton replay was an unfair example, it was an evening match and it is difficult to get to the ground in time after work. This problem could of course be avoided if one supported one's local side. Originally Posted By: Bernard I find it very difficult to join MYFC when I cannot fathom the mentality of its members. Absolutely. Bernard's basically answered Arithon's questions for me. It's not a question of 'preferring' it if people living afar stopped buying merchandise and attending matches; it's just that I can't understand why someone living in (for example) Northwich would prefer to pledge allegiance to the Fleet rather than Northwich Victoria. To me, local pride is essential to supportership in the non-league game (and should be higher up the leagues too). Originally Posted By: Hannah I don't see any reason why any long-standing Fleet fan should sign up as it is is being suggested recently. Nothing can be done to stop what is happening but it sure can be ignored; Tuesday's game was immense and the pride that was felt can only really truly be felt by the people who were there to watch it, something MyFc can never take away from any real fan, following on from what Bernard said. Ignorance is bliss in this instance and I'm happy to let MyFc run in the background as long as it doesn't interfere with my enjoyment of watching the Fleet. This sums my stance up superbly.
  7. James Pullen now at AFC Wimbledon with Messrs Quinn and De Bolla.
  8. Originally Posted By: ianinho I'm sure Scott, Ebbsfleet supporters old and new, and our gracious hosts for the day have met the occasional drunken fool in their past. If these things are handled with some humour and grace (and this was), there's often no problem. What concerned me was the fact that several more sober members of the MyFC contingent seemed to find the whole thing amusing. I'm struggling to find any humour in an incident that could potentially have an impact on how Fleet fans are treated by other clubs at away grounds in future (it's worth noting this braindead individual was, to my knowledge, the first Fleet away 'supporter' ejected from a ground for a good few years).
  9. Originally Posted By: Slartibartfast Whoops, The idea of someone in Australia setting his alarm clock for 2:00 am to listen to Lord Chas and getting excited over the Fleet really appeals to me JC. Unfortunately, as someone who finds attending matches absolutely essential to my supportership and couldn't imagine it any other way, it doesn't excite me in the slightest. In fact, (although I suspect you agree with me on this), I find posts like waggamick's above truly frightening. That's not to say I think all those who don't attend many or any matches aren't true supporters - far from it. After all, as has always been the case, there are exiles originally from the local area who find it difficult or impossible. But what is the true emotional connection to the club for someone who's lived in Australia (for example) all their life and has no family connections to the area? I just can't fathom it. I have nothing against the concept of 'fan ownership' - provided it entails ownership by actual traditional supporters of a club. MyFC is a rather different model from, say, AFC Wimbledon's, I'm sure you'd all agree. Don't worry, Slarti - as I've said elsewhere, my support for the Club itself, and what it traditionally represents, remains undimmed. But it doesn't matter how much you try to persuade me, Paul - I won't be paying my £35. Why would I join up to an organisation whose model I inherently oppose?
  10. Originally Posted By: Special K I am going to vote for Smith as he played a blinder. Oh dear. Must have been a quick trip back from Northwich for you to post on here on another thread at 4:54pm yesterday. Repeat this helpful mantra: 'I cannot authoritatively comment on individual or team performances I haven't seen'
  11. Originally Posted By: eufckev More and more members are still joining up everyday, so the whole concept of it all is a good one. Unless you have an inherent opposition to the principle of people who have no connection whatsoever to a particular location claiming to 'support' the Club in that area. In which case, the number of members is irrelevant - the 'concept' will never be a 'good' one. For the record, I'm not a member, and have no intention whatsoever of becoming one.
  12. A hugely enjoyable (although equally nerve-wracking) game with a thrilling climax. It's really reassuring that, despite my grave misgivings about MyFC and my belief that the MyFC concept is wrong on so many levels, such worries can be put to one side (at least temporarily) without cheapening my enjoyment of such an enthralling game as last night's (the sort of match (in terms of entertainment) that only normally crops up two or three times a season). Last night was a welcome reminder that through all the recent turmoil my passion for the Club (note the emphasis) remains undimmed. Sacha was certainly a contender for man of the match, but Long (two hours in, where did he get his energy from for chasing that loose ball down the right towards the end?) and McCarthy must have been running him close. And I'm with Slarti on Rafa.
  13. Sam Groombridge currently at Tilbury. Obscure enough for you all?
  14. Originally Posted By: eufckev Originally Posted By: John Pearce Absolutely nothing will ever convince me that this is or ever will be the right path for the club to follow. Just out of interest JP, what would be the right path for the club to take? To stay as we were? I don't think so some how. There is the school of thought, however, that the way the Club is run, its operational structure and its sense of identity precede on-field success in terms of importance. As a consequence, if one finds MyFC so distasteful as a project, then cutbacks under the previous ownership system (were this option open) would seem preferable, even with the probable side-effect of sliding down the division and possibly even relegation.
  15. Originally Posted By: Chatham Gary In short, it's not the way things have been done over the past 60 years, no wonder there is still apathy over the venture. 'Antipathy', surely? Apologies for the nitpicking, Gary - I too seem to have come over all funny and have started agreeing with a not insubstantial amount of what you post.
  16. One sub appearance wonder Dwayne Plummer is now at Carshalton.
  17. 'I can't believe it's happening...'
  18. Ben Walshe is back at St Albans again. Ryan Peters makes his loan move to Margate from Brentford permanent. I can't believe this thread was left to drift onto page 3 - a disgrace.
  19. Francis 'The Fridge' Duku has joined Welling from Bromley.
  20. For the benefit of others less fortunate who have never had the privilege of singing it (from Wikipedia ): "Consule Cunctis: We readily grant it Who will not hearten the song as we chant it Some 1000 students assembled in hall? For the splendour of life shall illumine our faces While boyhood's a game that delights us and graces Our "Play for the side with your face to the ball". Consule Cunctis: When school days are ending There's none shall escape from the duties attending All 1000 students assembled in hall, Though the ground to our feet may ring flintily, dustily Forget not the chorus but sing it right lustily. "Play for the side with your face to the ball". Consule Cunctis: in fair or rough weather We'll play to the whistle, stand fast all together We 1000 students assembled in hall. Consule Cunctis: the world stands before us And we'll yet make it join in our full-throated chorus Of "Play for the side with your face to the ball". Headboy: School! Selah! C'est a dire! All reply: Alors! Oui, bon. Oh, aye. Oh, aye, aye. Zen, Zen, Zen! GRAVESEND!" Brings a tear to the eye.
  21. Hawkins is also doubtful with a groin injury apparently.
  22. Clark Masters has signed for Southend from Brentford, and has been immediately loaned out to Stevenage.
  23. Originally Posted By: Ian_D Moussa Sidibe has left French Ligue 2 team Clermont Foot Auvergne for the leaders of French National (Division 3) team Vannes OC. Beat that JC. Surely Stu M and Jimmy are the reigning champions at the moment? My claim for the honour was long since ceded, alas.
  24. jc


    Even though all you are basically doing is regurgitating the opinions of someone else. The bottom line is that the opinions of someone who's heard the game on the radio or read a match report can never be as informed as those of someone who's seen it with their own eyes.
  25. As an interesting aside, Akinde may well be the first player to score his first four Fleet goals in four different competitions (i.e. KSC, Trophy, Setanta Shield, Conference). I'm sure Daish will be consulting Gary for advice on who to start up front, given that he's seen so many of our matches recently.
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