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  1. I had exactly the same problem and emailed the web team. I got a reply from Ebbsfleet Utd <callum@deadtrendy.co.uk> and he fixed my password for me. I can now access the site.
  2. Originally Posted By: razzlered And mom?????? are you all mad did you not see him give goal away?? I really feel that I must defend Peter on this. Not only was it a blatent offside (I was standing right in line of it - shame the lino wasn't) but also Peter was pushed over by one of FG's players which again the lino did not see. I thought he played quite well and at least he had good control of the ball unlike many of the other players. I also thought that Lance had saved us for a major defeat and was excellent.
  3. Man, I feel sorry for the club's supporters. Can you imagine if it were us in that position! I think they deserve a big cheer on Saturday for all their efforts to help their club.
  4. Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars Eastbourne Borough away Setanta Shield, twice. James Smith and Kezzie Ibe. Excellent - thanks. Marion if you are reading this ... we can no longer say that we don't score from corners!!
  5. Debating over a few beers (as you do!), the question came up of when did the Fleet last score a goal from a corner. Anyone know? Thanks
  6. I thoroughly agree with you re Roeder. When the news was out that he was taking over, a Hammers fan friend said to me that it would be a disaster for Norwich. How true her words are! As you said the only passion seems to be from the loanees like Lita seems to be the only one scoring at the moment! I too now concentrate on the Fleet and have not seen a game at Carrow Road at all this season. Let's hope that both our teams move up the table soon eh
  7. Originally Posted By: Lord Horn Chas my dear fellow, will be unable to listen to your marvellous commentary as I will no doubt be cringeing at the passionless efforts of an overpaid bunch of nancy boys donning the yellow and green at Carrow Road this Saturday against the mighty Welsh Wizards of Swansea. Can't wait for the Cambridge U. away game on the 29th to see some real football! Now, now my Lord - how can you say that about the mighty Canaries although I must admit that I am inclined to agree with you based on their current performance. Actually, the Canaries and the Fleet have not
  8. Originally Posted By: BustaGut Was there not a character called Sheephead on Soccer am ? Yes there was a "Sheepshead" on Soccer AM - he used to do a joke weather forecast in which he was topless and it was always "Light Drizzle" in London! Welcome aboard to our Sheepshead - enjoy the banter.
  9. Originally Posted By: Hooky The Mascot The only thing Gillingham leaves behiend is a nasty smell. WHos there mascot..? A turd.? or maybe a gypsy woamn.? Lets face it Gillingham will never be a big club or even medium sized small club. 2 relegations in 3 years says it all. Snorts with laughter! Hooky - I am so glad you joined the forum and am just loving your comments.
  10. Hi Mark I can come down for a little while. I will PM you. Kathryn
  11. He was sitting up next to the announcer's box on Saturday with Peter Hawkins. I presume he is either injured or Liam has not picked him to play.
  12. Thanks for this. I will take one to the Alma in Swanscombe and see if the landlord will pin it up - he said he would.
  13. Can't help this week Mark but may be able to next time. Kathryn
  14. Is there a match poster for this week's game? I have managed to persuade the landlord of the Alma in Swanscombe to put up our posters rather than the Darts so would like one to pass on to him! Many thanks
  15. Originally Posted By: Digitalis Will Brooks has advised they are being printed abroad. He is chasing for a delivery date. Once it is known, he is going to email to those people for whom we have an email address. I'll also post on here. Thanks for that Digitalis. I am looking forward to receiving it.
  16. Many thanks. I was getting a bit anxious because I've had the dvd, which I ordered at the same time, for about three weeks!
  17. Does anyone know when these will be sent out? I ordered my copy from the MyFC website about 6 weeks ago. Many thanks
  18. Wondering how to spend the last few mins stuck at my desk, I clicked on this thread. What a scream - I haven't laughed so much for ages. If Torquay Lad wants to come to SBR and take us on, then please do. We can feed him him a couple of gristle burgers and he won't be able to move.
  19. Hannah - I hope your friend turns up as it must be very worrying for you and all his friends and family.
  20. I wouldn't bother emailing the club about anything because they don't seem to look at them. I have emailed the club on a number of occasions and have never had a reply - not even a "thank you for your email".
  21. I managed to lubricate my voice with a few beers after the match!!
  22. I am normally a reader and not a poster on this site but just had to say thank you to everyone for one the best days of my life. The lads played magnificently with drive and determination that made me sure that we would win. Thanks lads! I thoroughly enjoyed your celebrations! Also a big thanks and well done to Liam, Andy and all the coaching staff for all their hard work this season. The biggest thank you goes to the supporters. To those of us who have endured many a freezing cold winter's night on the terraces in the rain and snow with only 500-odd of us there (think of last T
  23. I have just had a look at the new website and wondered why there is only one Fleet player and two opponents plus it looks as no-one is at the ground - a better picture please.
  24. Hello everyone - I am new member although not new to the site. I'm an avid Fleet fan and come to all the home games. I was quite relieved that last night's match was postponed as it was blooming freezing and I am glad that I am not a male brass monkey!!
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