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  1. There was either a tax fiddle or someone was putting the attendance money in their bag at the gate yesterday as there was clearly more than 1056 there. Even Harry on the 50/50 draw took 310 GBP i believe so he took a pound off more than 1 in two people in the ground today !! All looks very suspect.
  2. At present people are moody because they feel the directors have taken their club away from them and Dave feels upset because he will no longer be able to make out he's all important when in fact he's not. Lets look at the facts. Attendances are dwindling - 850, 900 pepole is what we're getting through the gates for an unfashionable opponent. Even with Eurostar sponsorship this is not enough to sustain full time football. The directors have put a substantial amount of cash out of their own pockets into the club. We as the supporters can yell and moan all we like, but without the direct investment from the directors this club would have been back in the Ryman league. Therefore, they are entitled to make decisions on behalf of the club whether we like it or not. Less we forget it was this board who obtained the significant sponsorship deal with Eurostar in the first place. The club has to be forward looking over the next ten years - In order to survive the club needs to think about the next generation of fans not the 50y old die hard fans who are already at the club. We need to offer a new fan base something different that will stop them going to Charlton, Gillingham, Arsenal, Spurs etc. Having a chance to have some affinity with a club will certainly do that. The home counties and London have a population of about 10 mio. This is a huge catchment area. This is the most adventurous and innovative scheme that has ever been set up in THE WORLD OF FOOTBALL. We should embrace it as we have no alternatives, if we'd carried on as we were we would end up bankrupt and attendances in ten years in a shoddy worn out stadium would be in the 200s. Is that what people want to see for their club? If you do, then you are no loss to any club as a supporter and we should embrace those that want to come from around the country/world to be a part of this dynamic new team. The number of subscribed customers to myfootballclub is already over 50k. Imagine the press that the club is now going to get over the next few days, months, years with this set up. We've already been told this story is getting airtime in the States. Do the maths, if they quadruple the number of subscribers to 200k which with this new press and marketing machine i think will be possible, we'll be looking at an additional total revenue of 5.25m GBP (not taking into account myfootballs charge) This sort of money will easily enable us to get out of this division and then who knows....We're not even taking into account the number of marketing spin offs we can now take into account like additional shirt sales etc etc. Yes people will fall by the way side each year but i feel confident that new people will come on board and be excited and enticed by the propspect of having a say in a football club. Look at it all closely, this is one unique oppurtunity and we should feel proud that our club has been chosen. At the end of the day, if it goes wrong, we will be in no worse a position than if we hadnt embraced it. Change scares people, Lets be forward thinking and get behind the club and see where this unique adventure brings us. Up Ebbsfleet United.
  3. The people making a return on this investment will be the clubs directors. The club has been torn to shreds in the matter of six months by them. Its their investment from the start and they are entitled to make decisions on the clubs future but i just cant believe that this will work. I think we will go bankrupt as its not like the 20,000 fans can balance the books. We'll sign big name players who the fans have heard of, pay large wages because they're named players and end up broke. A different scenario of course but it will end up like Sittingbourne did all those years ago when they threw silly money at the issue.
  4. And you wonder why people dont bother with this forum anymore.
  5. While i dont think we have a bad squad i have been a little shocked that we havent added more depth to the striking unit. Charlie was a huge loss and for me despite what has been said on here, Onome Sodje, i believe, was a bigger loss as he was only going to get better and better. We have only replaced him with Nade so in effect we are one striker light and we lost our two best strikers. Luke isnt and out and out goalscorer, Chukki isnt at this level and Rafas always proved hit and miss for other clubs. I worry about where the goals are coming from, LD said at the start of the season that it was upto others to chip in, which is what so far they have been doing but thats not necessarily going to get us enough goals to win games over the course of the season.
  6. I could see the reasoning behind a rebranding of the club if there was a merger of two teams but there isnt. I dont see how changing a name to Ebbsfleet United now is going to do anything other than alienate some fans rather than attract new ones. If we had a new stadium built, and ebbsfleet had taken off as is expected, then fine change the name, but as has been said before Ebbslfeet is just a train station at the moment so why the need to change everything? In ten years time Dartford Football club will be bigger than Gravesend/Ebbsfleet. Why, because they got a new stadium in place with better facilities which will attract the occasional supporter. We're optimistically as has been mentioned 3-6yrs away from that which by the time we've burnt all our funds trying to maintain conference football on crowds of 1100 will be too late.
  7. Have we had the necessary inspection for entry to the football league?
  8. The truth of the matter is that expectations for last year were for a strong push for a play off place, i know for a fact this was one member of the boards expectation as well. Thats why our finishing position was a big disappointment.
  9. Quote: Chatham Gary said: Adrian was (still is?) the vice president of an American Bank. That suggests he knows a little bit more about finances and big business than most. He works at Rabobank (dutch bank) he's more senior than a vice president more like managing director.
  10. I came solidly to all home games for 18years. This season is the most games ive ever missed, why, becuase there's nothing to motivate me to come down and watch the games. Bring back Andy Ford, get some passion back at the club with players who really want to play for the club and the fans will come back. Lets get Daish out after the Burton game, its a shambles it really is.
  11. Quote: Chatham Gary said: A hot headed veteran, who has two hungry talented rivals in Smith and Smith, and with an indifferent discilplinary record may fall into that category? On this point i disagree with u CG, i dont think James Smith is good enough. He lacks pace, something he's not going to pick up as he gets older and personally if we could recoup our outlay on him i wouldnt be disappointed. McCarthy is a decent influence as a sweeper but again in a flat back four, he's not quick enough and will get found out. I wouldnt expect him to be back next year but we'll see.
  12. Heard a rumour over the last few weeks that he will leave for Welling in the summer? Anyone else heard this?
  13. Quote: Slartibartfast said: If we continue, as Roly said, with a Conference South budget then we will at some stage end up in the Conference South. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> Slarti, this is just more Gravesend spin, im sure most conference south teams dont field two full time goalkeepers in their ranks and how many south sides are full time, its not the majority thats for sure. People need to stop making excuses and blaming other people, other things, budgets, whatever, its all very lamentable.
  14. Here we go, the official Gravesend and Northfleet spin doctor is on the case to show how we shouldnt expect too much as a full time side because we cant afford league two players. The facts are clear. Do you homework before you go full time, if you cant afford to do it dont do it or at least dont get rid of all your best part time players before you have got a stable side in place. This we clearly havent got. Grays Athletic - With a smart and astute manager, you can sign players who have previous experience with Aldershot and Gravesend and make them class acts in the conference without breaking the bank on expensive league two players as you put them. If i remember Garry Hill did the same when he was at Dagenham, but oh yes, we didnt think he was good enough for Gravesend and we got Daish instead. Look where Weymouth are now..... You can put all the spin facts on the issue Dave, but the truth is we just havent performed given the increased budget.
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