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  1. It was a question not a complaint.
  2. Thank goodness you've cleared that up.
  3. You are quite right. It is on gosports official web page, Ryan Day is their Chief exec.
  4. Agree NK nomad. Confused? Well you wont get any proper info on here. The last official info was Ryan Day gone to Gosport and nothing from club to say otherwise.
  5. http://www.gosportboroughfc.co.uk/news/gosport-appoint-new-chief-executive-officer-1656289.html
  6. Well he did the interview on tuesday night. And if its any different then the club should tell us.
  7. And the Gosport chief exec is still interviewing for margate. What the hell is going on?
  8. I still think i will be right and Bull will go, but you never know, Mr Bluegate may well be right and he might stay.
  9. Even Mr Bluegate surely cant defend that performance .................. can he?
  10. When Bull stays for the whole of next season and leads us to glory in the National south, then i will admit i'm wrong.
  11. Oh Mr Bluegate ...... you're a star.
  12. Michael you're missing my point. Bull wont be the manager next season so an early change is best for the club. Let Bull get some experience in a lower league.
  13. As i said at the beginning of this post yes Bull has done ok so far, im not denying that, but he hasnt got the managerial skills or experience to progress the club further. Thanks Nikki but time to move on.
  14. Boring being a sheep folliwing the crowd.
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