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  1. 12-August 10 - Happy Birthday Oners_2_Fourers :)

  2. Bring it over Paula I am sure we can find some use for it
  3. No Paula that would be Ware the team that warm up in there vests! bunch of gays!! Lol Lets hope we can stop Canvey from getting into the play offs
  4. I am always here just dont always post as there isnt much for me to say on here anymore!
  5. Afternoon all havent been on here in a while and Im sorry t hear that Horace is under the weather! Horace get well soon and hope to see you back on the forum!
  6. Full time shopping is where it is at mate haha To late saying that now!! get down last game of the season Canvey at Ware and ill get the beers in!
  7. Got a job yet kent? Had lunch but couldnt resist!
  8. Never have and never will be an out and out goal scorer Kroon dog!
  9. dont worry about that you can fish all you like but it wont work!
  10. 2 goals sat MOM yesterday NUFF SAID! football talks for me!
  11. WWay was happy on the sidelines drinking and dooking thinking that old kent oners is finished! oners got in the gym got hes head back on and now its ON!
  12. Good stuff mate well after this season you know what it takes to do well in that league!
  13. WWay let me tell you IM ON FIRE!! 3 games left 3 goals behind
  14. WW sort your myspace out its been hacked! loads of advertising bulletins!
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