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  1. Happy Birthday Andrew!

  2. 08-October 10 - Happy Birthday Andrew :)

  3. We played AFC Wimbledon in the 5th Round of the Bryco Cup, and I am sure there was no crowd trouble.
  4. We had a simillar accusation leveled at Slough Town fans by the leader of Slough Borough Council, he stated that Fans of the Football Club were leaving offensive messages on his phone, and sending him offensive Emails, but when challenged to prove this no proof was forthcoming, also Slough Fans offered to asisst in locating the alleged culprits, but the offer of help was refused. It seems that councils do not change whoever might be in power. Congratulations on being able to return to your home, some day it might happen to Slough Town.
  5. I have just added my name to the petition, after all Slough Town FC are in the same boat as you are ie Stuffed by the Council. Best wishes and keep up the fight. Andrew
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