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  1. Sorry to hear about your mum mate. I’ve been keeping tabs on your updates on Facebook. Seems you are in and out of the country these days and blazing a trail, globetrotting all over the place!! Been an up and down season at Lowfield this year, some good results, some not so good, but the squad is very good, very young and learning quickly and play some excellent football at times. Disappointing last night but it was just one of those games where the ball wouldn’t go in for us. Simon and the team are doing a good job for the club. Do you have any plans to get back involved in football? I always thought you would do well serving on the SSMFL committee, what with your excellent admin skills, personable nature and knowledge of the local game. Anyway, hope you’re well and maybe cross paths soon. You’re always welcome to come and sample the joys of the Essex Senior League at Lowfield. The crowds are excellent, travelling support is like nothing I’ve seen locally, and the social media coverage is second to none. I’ll even buy you a pint. Best regards to you and yours, Jonno
  2. Hoddesdon Town are looking for a friendly opponent this Saturday (7th March). Home ground available. If you have a team that are free, please contact me ASAP
  3. Good old Cliff! Still managing to get bites out of people, even after all these years!!
  4. Agreed. The magazines I used to buy are pretty much redundant now, due to the rise of websites such as PornHub...
  5. It’s usually the case that the club with the biggest budget wins the league
  6. Maybe also have a word with Lee Scott, Hector Valera and Frank Zanre. See if they will all come out of retirement?
  7. Hoddesdon Town FC are looking for an opponent this coming Saturday for a friendly. We have a pitch available, or can travel to you if you would prefer. All teams considered if you are available. Please get in touch ASAP. Thanks 👍🏼
  8. Very sad indeed. Known Graham for many, many years and his loss will be felt by Cockfosters and local non league football as a whole.
  9. Perish the thought Clifford, old boy!! Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to chat but he looked like he was doing well. He’s not dour!
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