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  1. Well said WB. I called this a long time ago. Complete disaster and the SSMFL should be ashamed of themselves for ruining one of the best supported reserve leagues in the country at this level.
  2. Has there a ever been a more yo-yo club than Broxbourne?? Extraordinary 10 years or so, more ups and downs than a whores drawers.
  3. At least they got a few quid out of the FA though, ticking boxes with regards to “grass roots youth football”.
  4. Spot on. It’s gonna be a great season in that league. Loads of games, loads of derbies and no silly experiments. Can’t wait.
  5. U25 development challenge trophy first round FIRST LEG!!!! Ahahahahaha!!! How embarrassing!! Great way to make up for the lack of teams now in the league!!
  6. Disaster from start to finish and should never have been implemented as an under 25 league. What does a player and manager think when they see games being awarded a 0-0 for the last month of the season if they had nothing to play for? Complete and utter shambles.
  7. Hashtag United removed from Div 1 and Broxbourne reprieved
  8. For the avoidance of doubt anyone may have, and you will know if I am talking to you right now, my comments are my own and do not reflect those of the club I support. I am a fan of Hoddesdon Town FC and am NOT a committee member or a representative of the club. I left my position on the Hoddesdon Town committee a number of years ago. To attempt to use my opinion as a gauge of the clubs feelings, and to communicate my opinion to the club in official dealings regarding the administration of either the club or the league, is both poorly thought out and thoroughly unprofessional. My opinion may be unpopular but is is just that, MY opinion. If you wish to canvas the opinion of the committee, might I suggest you write to the Chairman, who I am sure will be more than happy to provide it. Perhaps I should do as many others do on here, and post under a fake name and fake profile picture and hide behind my keyboard. That way, my comments can’t be attributed to the official club line. Incredible.
  9. Finally!!! Hoddesdon get their move to the Essex Senior!! Absolutely delighted with this news. About time things were freshened up. Looking forward to a new challenge!!
  10. How is a league and a club supposed to attract players when it can’t complete its fixtures and you end up cancelling games of football?
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