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  1. Hoddesdon Town FC are looking for an opponent this coming Saturday for a friendly. We have a pitch available, or can travel to you if you would prefer. All teams considered if you are available. Please get in touch ASAP. Thanks 👍🏼
  2. Very sad indeed. Known Graham for many, many years and his loss will be felt by Cockfosters and local non league football as a whole.
  3. Perish the thought Clifford, old boy!! Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to chat but he looked like he was doing well. He’s not dour!
  4. That’s why I prefer it!!!!! 🤣
  5. Lower profile??? I would disagree entirely. Attendances in the ESL are far superior to the SSMFL. Travelling support in the ESL is incredible and makes for much better atmospheres at games. I’ve lost count of the one man and his dog games I have seen in the SSMFL. I also think the administration as well as the social media presence of the ESL absolutely blows the SSMFL out of the water. A change is as good as a rest and to be honest, I don’t miss the SSMFL at all.
  6. I saw him only last week at Bishops Stortford as Hoddesdon travelled to play Enfield FC at the Pro Kit UK stadium.
  7. Oh Cliff, how I’ve missed your passive aggressive comments and loaded diatribes!! Welcome back old boy!! Hope you’ve been enjoying your travels around the world. Have seen some photos of you online at various different footballing arenas abroad. Hope you’re well
  8. Well said WB. I called this a long time ago. Complete disaster and the SSMFL should be ashamed of themselves for ruining one of the best supported reserve leagues in the country at this level.
  9. Has there a ever been a more yo-yo club than Broxbourne?? Extraordinary 10 years or so, more ups and downs than a whores drawers.
  10. At least they got a few quid out of the FA though, ticking boxes with regards to “grass roots youth football”.
  11. Spot on. It’s gonna be a great season in that league. Loads of games, loads of derbies and no silly experiments. Can’t wait.
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