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  1. 02-April 11 - Happy Birthday Stu M :)

  2. 02-April 10 - Happy Birthday Stu M :)

  3. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Thanks David...............Wouldn't it have been nice for the Club Officials to have made that statement..............Oh they can't, it is only for the MyFC faithful! They did. It's been on the club website: "Whilst these organisations can and have helped in various ways, they are not in a situation to throw money at a new stadium and nor, so far, have any suitable council-owned sites been identified. The club itself has not been able to spend the millions that are needed so our plan has been to have the stadium built as part of a much la
  4. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin you may be grateful for these forums in time... Piece of pi$s to set up a new one though in the event the other goes. Even FreeMyFC got up and running with minimum effort..
  5. I have. Like Gaz, I'm no advocate of PTT either though feel the desire to have a say in player contracts, transfer ins and outs, etc, is actually more unworkable than PTT.
  6. Originally Posted By: Darter all-purple Bloody hell, it's Harchester United! What happens when you play Dulwich Hamlet with their pink trim? You'll have to use your cerise Laura Ashley away kit...
  7. Originally Posted By: billy nick What i would do is implement the Virtual Turnstile scheme, nearly
  8. Originally Posted By: Darter playing as Southill Alexander FC You'll be needing a mascot then. How about a Greek bloke dressed up as Alexander the Great? I'll only take a little bit of commission for the idea.
  9. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Surely that would be Knickers on, Stu? I dunno, those Swedish schools...
  10. The building bridges thread is actually most interesting if you read some posters' opinions of each other one month and their veritable love-in four weeks later. I've never seen bridges built so quickly.
  11. Originally Posted By: Claudius Pants ON everyone! Now now Claudius, shake yourself out of your reverie and stop dreaming of gym class at school.
  12. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 Would you trust him if he said there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.....................Without proof? Ah, proof... if Claudius only wrote when he had proof of something, this forum would be about 500 posts lighter.
  13. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 I wouldn't mind betting Stalin said something similar, at one time or another! Not all censorship need be Stalinist. I'm sure Churchill has plenty of material censored well into this century too. Sometimes censorship is needed to protect the tinier brains amongst us. And before you ask, yes, that probably includes me.
  14. That article is a case of a misquote or embellishment or two on the journo's part. DD said as much on MyFC.
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