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  1. Great win today, and maybe a ghost has been exorcised. Barrow has always haunted me since that fateful day in 1982 spoilt my football supporting youth. Probably the ugliest player in football history was our nemesis- Colin (?) Cowperthwaite.
  2. Extract from the local rag: 100,000 in the next 336 hours
  3. The Portway - that's plagerism. Ah the memories, and a couple of my players have just been put on contract at the Portway Stadium - the same dump as Peter Coffill would remember.
  4. Interesting comments. Would the club return its name to G&N if they relocated to Kings Farm ?
  5. Until recently Channel Island clubs competed in the Hants Cup. The flight from Southampton to St Peter Port being about 20 minutes in a small plane. When I've used it to get to our projects on the islands, Matt Le Tiss is often a fellow passenger, golf clubs and all.
  6. Is he any relation to former legend Charlie Pooley? One of my favourite goals was in a mudbath at Frickley when Charlie got the ball just inside our half and kept pushing the ball forward as it stuck in the mud, finally unleashing a shot from the edge of the area, awesome and I think part of a hat trick. Fleet won 4-1.(c1981.)
  7. Couldn't have put it better myself - well done.
  8. Totally agree, despite Lionel Ball Senior's proud record, the board of directors / owners should not pick the team whether there is one or 35,000 of them. Team owners should fund the club, not interfere with the football team.
  9. Wonderful email from MyFc inviting me to pick the team for the Torpoint Althletic (sic) but , like a typical board of directors, not having a clue who will turn up to play - We are putting the team selector live for the Torpoint game. We have delayed it to get an idea of who is fit and what trialists might be in the team. After discussion with the coaching staff we know: There are 15 - 25 trailists likely to be reviewed in pre-season Some trailists who player on Sat won't come back or will potentially be released mid week. Some trailist might appear in a squad having not been training all week (this happened in the game against Charlton because of the injury issues) It is nearly impossible to stay up to date and accurate with which trailists are available for a game so we will leave the team selector with players who are under contract. Every player trained this morning with the exception of Danny Slatter and Luke Moore. Luke Moore is likely to be available for the Torpoint game but Danny Slatter is unlikely to be available. We have changed the team selector to reflect this. We have also added 3 PASE team members who can be selected. Kwesi Appiah - Who featured in the Charlton game. Sam Callendar - Who featured in the Charlton game. Chris Kinnear - Who was on the subs bench for the Charlton game. Regards, MyFootballClub Team Fantastically Donald and Micky. What has happened to our once proud club ?
  10. There must come a point when PTT is kicked into touch and MYFC act like any other club owner, full of good ideas for revenue streams but letting the football operations team get on with the football. The sooner the better as they are a dinosaur as far as quick reactions / negotiations are concerned.
  11. Originally Posted By: Alan W (GNFC) Also, Jimmy Bullard helps keep Fulham in the Premiership with assist for Danny Murphy's winner at Portsmouth. .....beating keeper Jamie Ashdown.
  12. Never expected to see the mighty Fleet at Wembley, but to win - wow. To see so many supporting the club was unbelievable. Thank you Liam and the boys.
  13. Engineering works on the Northern Line !
  14. As an employer I would question who would pay the players national insurance and income tax. Or maybe more to the point , who becomes liable when the player is found not to have paid them himself?
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