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  1. One of the local journalists tweeted this yesterday and i thought great, football will be back when this calms down. I stayed off twitter for the rest of the day only very late in the day when i went back on line it became apparent "finish" meant season over as of now, not play out to a finish..... Not a great choice of words but i had now caught up on what appears to the end of season19/20 Step five and six told they have to finish. Seems like the rule will apply to all non-leagues. No decision yet on what happens to the season as a whole. Story coming up shortly.
  2. Colney Heath have already stopped them and are looking more than formidable themselves
  3. No. Players from teams in the Herts Senior County League will represent the Herts Senior County League team. 😂😂
  4. They’ve finished 9th then 12th in recent seasons?
  5. initial squad list up on full time, make some interesting reading and think its going to be a pretty competitive league this season. Can see Harpenden being very strong having quietly recruited many experienced players.
  6. A similar thread for the new season would be useful ?
  7. EFC 0 - City 2 Clarke x 2 Att : 589
  8. Sounds terrific hey, reminds me a little of Hemel Hempstead
  9. get the train son. If you are travelling in a group there is a deal whereby a return from Waterloo cost £11. How much you pay to go on the bus squire?
  10. Young pups eh ? infact quite the opposite. Some of the old skool are coming out of retirement for this one
  11. Tuna Melts all round I hear in lucky Jims. See you there
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