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  1. 01-August 11 - Happy Birthday DaggersPaul :)

  2. 01-August 10 - Happy Birthday DaggersPaul :)

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    Dear all Urchins, Myself and Unc had many a healthy debate or two the last few years, I know you’ve missed me Unc. Anyhow, thought I would jus pop my little head on here to wish you my sincerest of congratulations for what has been an excellent season for you. I see you took over a 1000 fans to the ESC final which is an astounding achievement and it’s good to see that like us, you going to be soon making the next step up the football ladder. Exciting times for both clubs, and what with West Ham going down it’ll be nice if both us and you can attract and retain of their disillusioned fans looking elsewhere to enjoy a game on a Saturday. Finally, to Karl, see you stepped down few weeks or so ago – so I’ll wish you a happy retirement. Much more enjoyable being a fan isn’t it ) And also, my condolences to your other half Nette? I know how she is feeling losing a very good friend and fellow Dagger on Christmas eve. Enjoy the ride Hornchurch and if ever you have a game postponed or play away and don’t fancy travelling your all more than welcome to come watch us at Viccy Road. Have a good summer all
  4. Ye ye - forget the comp then! I've been paying £10 a game all season to watch us hoof the ball and run around like a pack of donkeys - reckon I can manage a fiver for you guys! Hope you've finally got some decent draught beer in though - dont like all that bottled [****!!****]! Chow 4 now gentlemen <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/afro.gif" alt="" />
  5. Just a quick message to wish you all sincerest of congratulations for your achievements on winning the league so early on this season. 1st team in the UK pyramid hey - not bad at all!! All you reamianing loyal fans along with the managements deserve it for sticking with the club and doing everything you all can to ensure things too a turn for the better. Well not quite sure what league your going to be in next but I wish you every success in that league too and maybe see you back up with us guys in the not too distant. I'm actually going to try and make a game myself before the season is up - found out a distant old matey peeps is one of your hardened supporters... Ryan (AKA batman/Robin) I believe he goes under on here! And i'm hoping good old Mr UU shall be sorting me out a complimentary ticket to accompany my trip. Well I can hope :-) Anyway enjoy all and au revoir for now Paul
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