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  1. Lensmeister

    Todays results +updates

    Croydon 0 Windsor 0 VERY good game at the Arena. Some rather rough challenges went unpunished and two somewhat poor booking decisions could have spoiled the game. But they didn't. It was entertaining despite the scoreline.
  2. Lensmeister

    Saturday 13th august

    Croydon 0 Sandhurst 1 Rose saved a penalty for Croydon
  3. Lensmeister

    My plans for this season !

    You come down the arena mate and it'll be war ... I will get in your way and use a magnet on your memory cards ... !!!!!! LOL Enjoy mate ... CCL has some real nutters both on the field and off it
  4. Lensmeister


    I live less than a 15 minute walk from Reeves Corner. The smell of burning choked the air all night and on Tuesday morning. My mother in law lives closer to London Road and was quite rightly scared. I went to her place at bout 9pm to check it over and it was fine. While walking along one road I saw 7 or8 hooded and masked youths approach a stopped bus and were looking to burn it. On Whitehorse Road, the Tescos, Staples and Halford were all hit. These are about 5 mins from my front door. On Monday afternoon my wife and 8 year old daughter were told to get out of Croydon asap by the police as they expected trouble. No need to say that my lass was terrified as was my wife. Send the Army in ... Shoot in the legs and then you'll catch the little SOBs. It's sickening that this scum is allowed to breed let alone riot! Oh on Tuesday Barmy Boris was at East Croydon, I asked him where his tan was ... strangely he did not look happy or reply!
  5. Lensmeister

    What a 2 faced League.

    Last season Croydon cancelled a game the day BEFORE a game. They were deducted a point. Will this happen to Windsor if the games cancellation was not sanctioned. If not this is highly unfair is it not?
  6. Lensmeister

    Croydon v RPV

    Please DO NOT link the stabbing of the youth with Croydon FC. The poor lad in question was at a party that was held at the Arena. This was in no way associated with Croydon FC. Others tried to gatecrash the party then it kicked off and the poor young youth was stabbed.
  7. Lensmeister

    Sat 6th Aug Score/updates/results

    Blimmey ... what happened to Croydon?
  8. Lensmeister

    Croydon v Croydon Ath

    Can you name this linesman ? ">
  9. Lensmeister

    Croydon v Croydon Ath

    Good game tonight. It ended all square 0-0. That doesn't mean it was boring. John Fowler has assembled a nice side and I for one have good vibes. Still We'll see on Saturday. Watch this space for a rather interesting match official
  10. Lensmeister

    Sat 16th July 2011

    2 v 0 to Croydon i heard Thanks, No one told me what it was.
  11. Lensmeister

    Sat 16th July 2011

    Anyone know the Farleigh Rovers vs Croydon result ?
  12. Lensmeister

    The Guernsey Thread

    I spoke last night to a contact who is very well connected with Guernsey FA. He believes they are very much a good Step 5 side and ARE made up of the Guernsey National side. He considers them to be technically very good, they lack a few things in the mainland style of player. I think he means the hard as nails centre half types. His prediction a top 3 side, with a good chance of a top of the table finish.
  13. Lensmeister


    Terrible and all the other words like it. I hope whoever it was is caught. Maybe some real justice should be brought in to scum like this ... either a public flogging in the high street or made/forced to repair all the damage they caused, then if it happens again ensure they are made to repair it over and over until they get it stopped. Good luck on th reapirs and good luck on finding the little to55pots! EDIT: The old bill are about as much use a chocolate fireguard. When we were burgled the dumb plod walked in and moaned that couldn't do anything. I pointed out the footprint on the floor he shrugged, After explaining his job to him he walked out the WPC actually filed the report to the Crime Scene officers and they walked in took one look at the foot print and said great, ... Proves that 90% of the plods are more interested in being Starsky and Hutch then Dixon of Dock Green.
  14. Lensmeister

    Season 2011/2012 Consitution

    Cheers YV
  15. Lensmeister

    Season 2011/2012 Consitution

    Also when are the fixtures coming out ? Need to get the Croydon Site ready ....