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  1. 07-January 11 - Happy Birthday Hempstead Gaz :)

  2. Very best wishes for a good Christmas, and I hope you have a successful 2010. You have a lot of good fans at HDP, and Kent needs successful teams. Best wishes Gary
  3. Thanx for the heads up, Apache. If the match is on, I will probably see znd chat to Keith on Saturday, so may find out a bit more. Regards Gaz
  4. That is a bit poor, isn't it Apache.There may of course be a valid reason, but as I am not a member, I am not privy to such information. That said, it does affect me as I intend to enlist when the deal is completed - I guess a number of non-member skeptics will too, as the original reasons for not joining are no longer there. I will try and found out from our official forum. Btw, good talking to you and having polite, debate despite our opposing sides. Gaz
  5. Jeez, that hit a nerve! Nothing wrong with admitting the club you once supported has changed so much that you do not recognise it as the club you once loved. I know a few people like that, and I whilst I disagree with them, I respect their choice. For every fan that no longer supports Fleet, there are new people who step in. I really cannot see your arguement, Les, you made your point, along with plenty of others. You are pretty much a voice on your own. Move on. Bite the bullet and grudgingly come along for the bumpy ride. With or without you Fleet are still Fleet, and will still be
  6. I'm afraid you now come across as just a disembodied, disaffected voice out of touch with the club you once supported, Les. At least Myfc contribute financially, and some of them througn the turnstiles too. Continued bleating about how damaging myfc are is pointless. They are here to stay, as is the name Ebbsfleet. If you cannot live with that, perhaps you need to reconsider whether you are still a fan and supporter. It's a good thing we didn't listen to the 'wise' words of that financial guru UU, It seems that not only was he wrong, he may have buggered up yet another club.
  7. I too do not know whether a supporters led MYFC will keep us up, but I do know that without the financial input from them the club would havd folded a year ago. I agree money has been squandered, mistakes were made and too many played politics, with the team as piggy in the middle. Time will tell, but our finances, ie, little or no real debt, are the envy of a large number of conference clubs. Watch this space, but I reckon we will see a growing number of conf. clubs going part time next year, as this league is unsustainable on gates of less than 2000.
  8. From what I hear Apache, the people I denigrate appear to be making a hash of running what is little more than a minor Saturday club side - it looks like they were trying to win Olympic Gold before they could even walk. Rumour has it that UU has pulled the plug on his 'sponsorship', leaving those in charge a bit strapped for cash. As you said, the original MYFC model was flawed - I opposed a few things, which is why I didn't buy into it. That has now changed, it is now a fans run thing, with all proceeds going back into the club, with no PTT. It isn't too far adrift of an AFC setup - no ba
  9. To this day you still don't get it, Les. I don't suppose you ever will. The club was bankrupt, within weeks of being wound up. MyFC, for all their faults stepped up to the plate, paid off depts of over £800,000 which needed paying at once, and like them or loathe them, they saved the club, at least gave us a decent stay of execution. The problem was there were a coupel of individuals who were ambitious, and saw the opportunity to take over the running off EUFC. Fortunately, the good people at the club saw through this and blocked the move. It was then that FREEMYFc took off. By the same t
  10. I'm surprised you haven't changed your allegiance to the Liverpool of Bedfordshire, Les. Your 4 chums are apparently still alive their, well hidden in the secret little club.
  11. It seems the deal is now done. MYFC is now wholly owned and run by fans and supporters. 100% of the money goes directly into the club. I presume this will see the slow and lingering death of freemyfc , they now haven't anything to whine about. If that happens, perhaps this forum will become a troll free zone, as is was before the morons wrecked it.
  12. Ross is in sensational form. considering he had open heart surgery not too long ago, he is a footballing phenomenon.It's a pity he leaves in 6 weeks, his inspirational attitude to training and playing has uplifted both the team and the fans.
  13. Has joined you from us on loan. This confirms the rumour that Cookie and i have been discussing (by pm) yesterday. Cannot give you any other info on him, other than he has been on the bench a couple of times. Hope he does well for you. As he seems to be a product of Millwall's youth system, expect a top notch youngster.Link here http://www.ebbsfleetunited.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=688:read-is-right-for-coastal-move&catid=63:headline-news Cheers Gary
  14. Great news for Ross and Kent football. Ross has fully recovered from a serious heart condition and major heart surgery - has been training with Fleet, is now fully fit and has just signed. A very brave bloke. And a top bloke too.
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