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  1. Originally Posted By: Jeff Only got as far as Dartford before we heard the news. It could have been worse I guess. No, you have got me there Jeff. What could possibly be worse than Dartford?
  2. Originally Posted By: DixieDean Originally Posted By: Digitalis You are welcome at the ground any time. Good onya Dave. Peace & love Hmmm, Everton fan, Peace and love........are you Ringo in disguise?
  3. Originally Posted By: bilbo baggins Let's hope for a great performance and a resounding win today Anyway Chris McPhee is petrified of coming back to Stonebridge Road in case Slarti starts getting over affectionate with him again We all dream of a team of Chris McPhees.
  4. Pooley and Charles certainly make a pacey combination at centre back, ok Satanage didn't provide much of a test last night but I thought the football started right from the back. Like HG I would start the same side on Saturday apart from Ricketts at right back, not quite so sure about bringing in Gash for George though, George is a bit hit and miss but if Gash plays we tend to try and hit long balls to him, if we pick a forward line of dwarves we are less likely to hoof the ball.
  5. Originally Posted By: chris blanc I think he was suspended on here for something he may have said or done somewhere else. His last posts on here were all fairly innocuous Who by Chris?
  6. It would be a real shame if Chris doesn't come back on the 6th.
  7. Mo, whats the parking like at your ground?
  8. Originally Posted By: Big J R Statistically, 20,000 from 29,000 is pretty near impossible. What exactly did you all get for your 35 quid ? You get to watch all of the matches on your pc plus it is a very good social networking site.....quite a few of the members are footie fans.
  9. Originally Posted By: ESPN Magazine I've gotten a few responses so far which have been largely positive although that doesn't appear to be the overall consensus of the board. Be curious to hear why? Once again thank you for your time and input. Thats easy, not everyone who posts on this forum is a Fleet fan. The genuine fans are fairly evenly split but the non-Fleet fans who post on here seem to be 100% negative. I expect if you asked us for our opinions on Gillingham we would appear slightly negative too.
  10. Hamid Barr, it will be interesting to see if he can still hit my car now I park it at Ebbsfleet C.
  11. So you think that Bristol City's website stated... "The switch is transfer history as Ebbsfleet United are a fan-owned club meaning - their 20,000 plus members where able to vote on whether to accept City's transfer bid or turn it down and keep the forward at Stonebridge road. In the end a 82.3 per cent majority of 7,500 voters put the rubberstamp on the youngsters move to Ashton Gate." Just for a laugh then.....or maybe you think that MyFC control the content of Bristol City's website as well as the Daily Telegraph.
  12. Yeah right, Bristol City and John himself where in on it too
  13. According to Gary Johnson the Bristol City manager they had to wait for the ok from MyFC members before Akinde could sign for them, you will also note that this article was dated 31st August after the vote and it makes it 100% clear that John had not signed at that time. Another conspiracy bites the dust Maybe The Daily Telegraph and Bristol City are in on it to?
  14. Originally Posted By: Stu M Hmm. Interesting. I read LH's original post too and it didn't resemble the changed version. A moderator or two getting a bit trigger happy perchance? Is UU a moderator then?
  15. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin slarti...this is a forum and there are no such things as truth and lies here or on any forum...only opinions..I always give my opinions related to facts that I have available to me which are facts that are unfortunately not available to you but thats life......my opinions may also differ to yours but they are mine as for the ground ownership...as I said.... all is sometimes not what it seems... UU there may not be any such thing as truth and lies in your mind, that is because you are a congenital liar. To normal people our last seven results a
  16. Its not a debate UU, it is just you telling porkies. How is it that you know that Stonebridge road is owned by the council when neither our fans nor the council nor the owners of the ground where privy to your secret? Who are these seven teams that we have lost to on the bounce? A simple glance at our results list should confirm whether you are telling the truth or not. When did you sneak into the office and get a peak at the players contracts or are you suggesting that you were invited in to look at them? When did you first realise you where Liarbetic UU?
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