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  1. Happy Birthday ANGLE!

  2. 27-October 10 - Happy Birthday ANGLE :)

  3. Is Shaun suspended for one game or is it more,he will be missed,for that never say die attitude he reminds in a way of Ray Summers,for the same sort of bustling endeavour .
  4. ANGLE


    Very good player and and first choice all last season for Dover, has not got look in this term as yet, and can play anywhere across the back line i cant see him warming the bench for too much longer,in my opinion would be great acquisition.
  5. There is a player who was with us last season, not sure who it is,he is training pre season with Dover Athletic i got the info from the Dover Fans forum, but thats all i know ????????.
  6. Just thougt it worth a mention, i was in Westminster London yesterday and noticed Mark Butler striding along looking very smart in suit and overcoat,its a big city,small world i guess.
  7. Any odds on the pair for the job,could it be a good appointment local knowledge ect,and who would follow them its food for thought.
  8. Just to say hello to one and all,and to say that the lads seem to be settling down and slowly gaining confidence,i feel that MB is building a good foundation for a better future, it takes time to do this,but i am sure we will avoid the drop and with a good pre season under our belts we should hit the ground running,full of hope and expectation, good luck tommorow.
  9. Well i hope there is more meat in the Burger than there is on dear old KP, bless his cotton socks.
  10. Van Burger,our latest signing,is he Dutch or German.
  11. ANGLE

    Jake Leberl

    Yes indeed very sorry,did not intend it that way however it would have been great to have Jake back at Margate,also with a view to Andy Hess and if he goes to Watford,what are the odds on CK returning to Crabble,--- Good luck to all re the meeting.
  12. ANGLE

    Jake Leberl

    Has rejoined his old club on a one year deal,Jake lives in the Dover,so it would seem like good move for Jake it seems like he has left the Dons on a free,
  13. ANGLE

    Mark Munday

    Yes Tony very nice chap indeed,i knew his Grandfather Nobby,Harold Munday,a great chap loved his sea fishing we fished together many times,and as i recall Harold played for Notts County,and one of the big sheffield clubs also remember Mark as little lad fishing Margate Jetty with his Grandad,good luck to you Mark he would be proud of you.
  14. ANGLE


    Never been one for causing controversy,but i thought it might kick off an interesting topic,its been said before that a united Island team could be the answer,playing at a new ground in the area would the council be interested in any involement with such an idea,and we have proved in our Conference days that good gates can be achieved,of course this is all conjecture and that it will draw criticism.
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