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  1. It's a pity that Arsenal's engine is from a 2CV!!
  2. Thanks guys - knew there are alternates out there but have always found NL24 vidiprinter the easiest!!
  3. .........tragically died yesterday. Very sad, only 24 and an up and coming England C goalkeeper Sending best wishes to his family http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/rushden_and_diamonds/9288758.stm
  4. WOW! Really? I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo surprised.................... .............................NOT!
  5. Even if Carshalton manage to clear the pitch of snow, surely the pitch itself will be frozen?
  6. I have a pic of Sutton FC's ground which is very similar so I really don't think there will be much non-league action this weekend! and here it is! lol
  7. Yes, my other half lives in Morden and it's looking extremely bleak at the moment. Main roads and Motorways are treacherous. I have serious doubts to the Carshalton game going ahead on Saturday....
  8. Although occasionally confused by the simplest of things, I do know I was referring to the Clubdraw! I appreciate that they contact winners individually but the Superdraw lists its winners on the web-site and to be honest, with the lack of transparency, as I previously mentioned, I may not renew my Clubdraw sub. MFC won't lose out as I will just find another way to put that money into the club!
  9. No problems Wellsie. I have e-mailed but have received no reply. On a plus note, I will hopefully be donating to Gate Radio come pay day!
  10. Not impressed with Clubdraw at present. As much as I want to help the club, the lack of prize winner lists and no feedback when you e-mail them doesn't really encourage me to renew. A little transparency from them wouldn't go amiss!
  11. .... and that's the Final Score too............................DREADFUL
  12. Half Time - MARGATE 0 Folkestone Invicta 2
  13. 42 mins - Sub - OFF Aaron Lacey ON Kane Harrington
  14. Margate penalty....... .......Welford misses..........
  15. Disaster - MARGATE 0 Folkestone Invicta 2 - 33 mins Burchell
  16. Goal - MARGATE 0 Folkestone Invicta 1 - 28 mins Smith
  17. The current toilets are palatial compared to what we used to have! Onwards and upwards - the new facilites will be built!!
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