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  1. Indeed, AFF, I was impressed with our attitude, effort, and as you say, willingness to 'have a go'. I still think we could have had one last big effort of sustained pressure, especially with the fresh legs of Hann and Clarkey. It was rather like we'd accepted 'damage limitation'. But as you quite rightly stated, the difference between the quality of the two side was there to see, and once again, the fitness levels of a full-time side were far superior to ours.
  2. Agree that we played well to an extent, and they gave as good as they had, but there was definitely a lack of any cutting edge in the last third. The second half, in particular, there was no real threat to Roberts' goal and no real sustained pressure to try and get the equaliser. What was also evident (and I'm not trying to take the gloss over a decent performance) was the amount of times their strikers were one-on-one. Elphick and Bazza came to the rescue on numerous occasions.
  3. The win against Cambridge is finally being added to the ConfGuide table. anthony page: "Ok I'll add it if it's still missing later. How come Cambridge fans didn't point it out? "
  4. I can't work out if he was at Fulham at the same time as TomDavisPonyTail. I'm sure they'll have a great understanding if they did from the Fulham Youth Reserves Team.
  5. Originally Posted By: Maldini66 Originally Posted By: TomDavisPonyTail August 94 beat them 5-3 away. December 94, 8-3 at home. That sounds about right for the year,I think by then Allan Cockram was the manager and he made us turn up for the home game in full seventies fancy dress, you should have seen the looks on the kingstonian players faces HA HA, Bretty and Wilco could hardly walk there platforms were so high. Needless to say we battered them on the pitch with Cockers tactics of attack,attack,attack football. I seem to remember collecting playing-cards-shaped cards of Shaun Brett, Trevor Wilkinson and Barry Blackman on them (didn't manage to get to a SwapShop to get you though, Maldini). Anyone else collect 'em, or was it just me?
  6. August 94 beat them 5-3 away. December 94, 8-3 at home.
  7. I seem to remember beating Kingstonian 8-3. That was just funny.
  8. Originally Posted By: Son of Geordie If a player works full time and then gets say £350 a week for St Albans he will be much better off than if he egotistically goes full time for £450 per week. I assume you mean 'part time and get £350'?
  9. Fair enough. Didn't two fans get chucked out? One for running onto the pitch, which I stand corrected and I guess the punishment was deserved. However another of our fans simply went up to the gate near the Stevenage fans and celebrated and got chucked out. What's wrong with that? He was still in the away end. I thought it was harsh.
  10. Jeeeeeeez. That was mental. Deserved it, simple as that. Every City player worked for each other and when it was backs against the wall we stood firm for the most part. I can safely say a few things: -Hakim completely changed the game and his passion towards the fans when he scored, at corners and at the end shows he is still hungry to play for us. -Our fans were amazing. Singing non-stop for 90 minutes, I'm not saying we brought the Saints back into the game, but we certainly helped. -Stevenage fans are boring, dull, and there support is woeful. Shame, because their team deserve better. -Their stewards are mindless idiots. A couple of our fans got chucked out for pretty much nothing.
  11. 4 of the 9 City men (that's almost half) were Academy players. Not as bad as first thought. Bring on the Halifax.
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