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  1. Yes it is, look at the Gills official and unofficial forums, the feeling around the ground, the fans never chant his name, his tatics baffle most of us, he got rid of a lot of good players Draham Graham for one could turn a game around, he brought in rubbish no disrespect to the conference, Thurgood, Lewis, Griffiths, Miller what a waste of time he is a complete liability, not sure on Oli injured a lot, John Nutter and Barry Fuller improving this season but completely out of depth in League One, Jackson and the reserve goalie Julian are fine, i know that Mark Bentley was non league but again he had the ability, Stimson must take the blame for taking Gills down they were mid table when he arrived, he changed it to quickly and suffered. Andy Crofts cannot put my finger on it he has the ability, apparently Coventry and Peterborough wanted him close season so perhaps he wished he had gone and took the chance, it is a well known Gills fact that he has no time for Stimson along with some other players. Anyway good luck in the Cup, if you win tonight Crewe are there for the taking.
  2. Oh dear all this hatred, ME1gill is a minority, Gills fans dont believe you live in the shadow, would love to see you in the football league although not replacing Gills, don't agree with your comments gaz reference Crofts, he is not the best player never has been, he has not played anywhere near his best this year and in fact for most of last season and perhaps it is time to move on, again the majority of Gills fans agree with you all, we want Stimson out and he can take Scally with him, and agree again Gillingham Town is a dump as is most of North Kent as with Gaz i live outside the main towns in the spare green lands, good luck for the season.
  3. Dont have sympathy for Gills, it is our own fault we are facing relegation once more, as with many fans the blame lies with Mark Stimson as well as Scally, Stimson brought into the club players from the conference and below, he changed the team to quickly and the club has suffered dearly for it, of the non league players that arrived Nutter and Jackson were successful, Miller maybe if he could control himself,he collects to many bookings,so he is a liability to the club, the rest not good enough,again as for Scally he saved the club many years ago so we are grateful for that, if he goes he goes we have no control over that, anyway we wish you all the best for Saturday it would be fantastic if you win, we dedicated a page in the Swindon programme to you on the 26th April, good luck.
  4. Good Luck Saturday Fleet, hopefully everything will go right at Dagenham and wrong at Burton and Exeter.
  5. Don't read the Medway Messenger then CG, Scally said 3 sites under consideration, 2 in Gravesham 1 in Medway, he reckons by the end of the year he should have something in place, as long as it is Medway i have not got a problem with it apart from the funding.
  6. Came on for Swindon second half, other news that will hopefully interest Fleet, Hessie was released by Gills and is considering offers, please Brian get in quick.
  7. As he should, he should listen to the fans and forget his stadium plans we do not need one, improve everything else first, then sell the Club and go away. He lives in a dream.
  8. i would expect that CG, the team are playing so bad Cliffe Woods would have beaten them Saturday, is there an answer, the buck always stop's at the Manager but go onto the Gills message board and see who they blame. There is a huge problem at Gills and it starts at the top, you cannot keep moaning about ITV digital etc that was years ago, or a huge injury list, Gills have 25-27 players on the books, there are several good players at Gills from last year, you do not become bad overnight. Soap box over.
  9. Ok, thanks for that, i remember this one i actually thought it was someone else
  10. Hope you are not referring to me Stu M, i have never to my knowledge been arrogant, i support both Clubs have done since 1960 and i would never slag off either team, i did not go to Burscough, i did in fact go to the local recreation ground to watch Cliffe Woods play in the Rochester & District League. If not me i have a good idea who.
  11. None taken FF, would like nothing better than to see Fleet get promotion and if they play in the same league, i would find it very difficult watching the game. As you are a West Ham fan as well, do you go to see any premiership games now.
  12. Nothing my Wife and Daughters brought me a season ticket £396, probably as i went to nearly all home games last year, different costs at different games all adds up. Paid £16 for the Portsmouth game, i thought tickets were about £20, all the people i sit with are all season ticket holders, so to be honest i don't really know.
  13. Nice numbers, long way to go, as i said if you do not put away gift chances you will suffer and that is what happens, still nice to hear no one calling for the Manager to resign or slagging off the players.
  14. Slarti good point about the supporters, one of the reasons i dropped off last year and it is still there this season. Some Fleet fans or so called fans only come to moan they have for years, you will not and cannot change them.
  15. Was also at Gills, thought Mark Bentley scored both, mind you he should have been sent off in the first half for the tug at Williams and then falling down making out he was injured, what a total prat. Gills were bad today if you do not take your chances you do not score, no excuses Gills made Southend look good, i pray the injuries to key players soon sort themselves out, well done Fleet by the way.
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