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  1. I am not happy over this. True, I thought there were some issues surrounding Ryan's attitude and application at times but I always thought these were confidence driven. An when you consider the attitude and application of some players they were so minuscule in comparison. Scotty was young enough to work on these issues and take any lessons on board, learn from the experience around him. He was certainly one for the future. A shame but players move on... Unfortunately this is something we have to get used to (if we are not all ready). I wish Ryan all the best for the future... Good lu
  2. So that'll be you and one other then...
  3. God... Dorchester... That was a god awful game... Players not showing up... Edwards Jnr. injured for life (and I am not joking)... Numbskull home supporters behind our goal... Jay May centre back... And the cold!!! BUT The officials were really nice and as myself and the Missus had holidayed in the area, it was nice to visit under more sporting circumstances...
  4. Ahhhh the ref should be a happy hippo and enjoy the mud
  5. We were going to Exeter for our FA Trophy re play. How things have changed in that time....
  6. And planning and having the support to execute that plan....
  7. Oh and i do appreciate the hard work that people have and are putting in...
  8. Well, I agree with you. I said in my Enfield notes, this is a project and one that needs to be planned, costed and seen as to what is feasible... And then managed and supported by all parties. Unfortunately there are various factors which tend to hold people back from committing to such a project...
  9. The problem with any arguement or discussion is that there are many facets that make up the whole... ... You comment on one and you leave the door open for another as important part of the subject either untouched or not mentioned... And possibly as important. I think we should leave this where it is. There are some supporters who do feel very strongly about the clubs identity and some of those do or have worked for the benefit of the club and its identity as well. Any club evolves, depending on where it is in its cycle... And the identity of any club isn't down to one man. It's do
  10. Well... Pitsea lol Tbh no slight was and is intended towards Dulwich and their supporters... I thought that they had a table at our quiz night the evening was great and showed the true spirit of Non League football xxx
  11. Nah set it up in the bottom car park... Take up some room that could be used for supporters
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