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  1. Allegedly BBC Radio Kent have found an empty baked bean tin, about 400 metres of coaxl cable and a handful of rawplugs and claim they will be able to hook me up to t'internet tonight. If that is the case, you will be able to enjoy - in living colour - full, almost live, commentary from yours truly of the FGR game. If not, I will be leaving early to go back to the grotto in Poundland to clear up the sick from when the child on my knee threw up earlier today. OK, she was 19 but what's that got to do with it? Pipple doodle pip! Lord C
  2. I was a bit msurprised at the other thread but I knew Chris had given me a great interview for BBC Radio Kent after the Weymouth match. I set it up before kick off and, true to his word, Chris came up to the commentary box and spoke candidly after the game. It was actually very emotional for me to do the interview and think back to May(my close friends know why) and Chris was, as ever, the perfect gentleman. He is pure class. I didn't want to comment on the other thread until Matt Davison had used the interview on air(live on Saturday and repeated yesterday) and then posted it on the BBC
  3. This was NOT an interview by David Gray. This is plagiarism of the worst kind. This is a transcript of an EXCLUSIVE one on one interview Liam gave to me for BBC Radio Kent after the game. There were no other journalists in the vicinity when we talked. It was transcribed - with a credit to BBC Radio Kent - on the MFC website and has been "lifted" by Mr Gray who credits it to himself. Naughty , naughty Mr Gray.
  4. Because we have still not ironed out the problems of creating a reliable link to the internet for non Saturday matches(just yet) there will be no commentary from me of the Stevenage Setanta Shield game on Tuesday. I can assure you that Matt Davison, Gemma Sterba and the BBC Radio Kent top brass are working hard to sort this out and we hope to have a resolution in time for next week. Please be patient. In the mean time we will be rocking around the Chris McPhee on Saturday when Weymouth come to town, so turn on, tune in and drop out for full commentary on the web. Must dash
  5. I will be warming up for my stint as Father Christmas at Poundland by bringing you full commentary almost live and virtually in living colour from the Abbey Stadium on Saturday. Pip in a jingletastic kind of way and pip!Lord C
  6. Seems like the powers that be have decided that we CAN do commentary of Sunday's game against Kettering. It will be the LISTEN LIVE link on the BBC Radio Kent website. Now I need to work out how to juggle the full Sunday roast while holding a microphone in one hand and a pen in the other. With an oi oi savaloy and pip pip! Lord C. PS Brilliant last night. Murray still around, just not available last night.
  7. For those of you unable to access the Setanta coverage one way or the other(nudge, nudge, wink, wink) I will be talking to myself from 7.40 tonight. If the right buttons are pressed at HQ you might even be able to hear commentary on the web. If you can't get it, complain to Beeb HQ at Tunbridge Wells. Re Sunday at home to Kettering, it seems unlikely that we will be able to provide commentary due to...oh, don't ask. Pipple doodle pip. Lord C
  8. We'll be rockin' all over the world again on Saturday so if you can't be there in person join me on t'internet.Pipperty piperoo! Lord C.
  9. Hot off the press from Matt Davison(who will be commentating with me tomorrow): ".......I have persuaded our boss to take Roger Day(FM radio) off the website and put us on instead for midweek games as an experiment, they will then judge from the numerous complaints from Roger fans whether this arrangement can continue. So the link tonight(Tuesday) is bbc.co.uk/kent and click on Listen Live - and always will be, Saturdays or non-Saturdays. I've got the Mark Ricketts business sorted. He was sent off for a professional foul, 50 yards out and on the touchline. The appeal is heard Tues
  10. I think I will spend two hours tomorrow night talking to myself like I did last Tuesday and like I do almost every time we have a midweek game. However, if the technical giants that are supposed to do these things patch me up to the net, you might well hear my ramblings over the world wide web. Pip, and in hope, pip! Lord C
  11. It wasn't me that said we could rent out the middle third of the pitch, that was Steve. It was disappointing, however,that in the first hour both sides seemed to be hitting the ball as far and as high as possible and it wasn't entertaining to watch. I felt we played better after we scored and could have tied things up before we allowed Aaron Webster to nip in at the far post(again) for the third goal. The long ball forward? It has a place in every team's game but my personal feeling is that we use it too often and I would like to see us mix it up more and play through the full backs
  12. ................but we'll be back in the red and white for the replay if we go easy on them next Saturday. Lord C
  13. Find out if he follows the Fleet on BBC Radio Kent. If he does I will give him a big hello from everybody. Lord C
  14. I will be doing it and, as it is a Saturday, the studio should be manned and putting it on the web. Sorry about Tuesday but it was out of my hands. I did full commentary only to find out that nobody heard it. How overcome with delight was I? Pip, and in a frustrating way, pip! Lord C
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