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  1. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz I think we should just leave Les, Karl and Crapius bicker on this forum by themselves, Bill. This forum is all but dead now. The sensible posters have moved to the real site. our forums died a while back, I think it was about the time that Davies left. In the main sensible people dont post on forums. I will now slink back under my stone.
  2. Originally Posted By: Jeff The beard is off! I'll have the waldorf then. In series 2 of the catching up with ex fleet players when the fleet are inaccessible to me, managed to get to craven cottage yesterday and can report that that Bullard lad is doing all right since leaving us. up the fleet
  3. It sounds a good idea. Hopefully MYFC will get behind the idea, would be great to a have a decent prize fund each week. As that does also add to the incentive of those in the ground to buy a ticket. keep up the good work.. Will Harry have to go round all their houses delivering the tickets ?
  4. in what turned out to be undue haste due to weather conditions we dropped the FGR trip for a more local venture to Griffin Park (for me anyhow)to see the aforementioned Charlie Mac get his goal. The lad is playing well, and if continuing can easily end up with more than 20 goals this season.(inuries permitting) i would say about 400 daggers made the trip. but bodes well for both teams as both played good football and got the ball on the deck and passed it. in hindsight it was a mistake to only get as far as brentford rather than FGR, but seeing Charlie Mac score past Robert
  5. Originally Posted By: BrianK Sorry forgot - please advise re dubious practices. That sort of throw away statement does you no credit and I'm happy to take this allegation further if you so wish. Dubious is the wrong word and as I am no expert on shares, you are correct that my comment was ill informed and throw away and totally based on my own shares previously purchased being devalued from 25p a share to 5p a share overnight, and then I now believe degraded again to a lower status. I apologise for any confusion caused by my lack of understanding, and take back that comment. You are co
  6. Originally Posted By: eufckev Maybe we shouldn't go by what is said on an internet forum, and leave it to the experts. Think you are correct on that, just wish experts would publish facts more readily for us to form balanced opinions.
  7. Originally Posted By: BrianK Wobbly, how have the ex Directors led you astray on the financial position? Our accounts were audited and presented to the shareholders at an AGM every year where there was an open forum for questions on the accounts. There is no legal obligation for EUFC to have their accounts audited, but we did so in order that there was full disclosure. From 1999 to this year the players were paid on time every month, no suppliers to my knowledge have written off a debt from the club and the Inland Revenue and VAT man are happy men. This compares to 50% of the 92 clubs in the
  8. Originally Posted By: Mackster I don't get it? If the wage budget was
  9. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: ebbsfleet is for life shame others are intent on making a mockery of the whole thing i have said it before it is all about helping ebbsfleet utd. its not me that has made a mockery of myfc old boy...you may try the operators for that tag.... helping ebbsfleet...I have been trying to do that for a year and still am....difference is I am not sticking my head in the sand and pretending its all okay...until someone removes the operator and his gangsters who have cheated both the members and the club then it will get worse.....at
  10. Agadoo or the hokey cokey would be good ? Would be great to see the 1/2 way line in full dancing mode
  11. Thought that Mansfield fans were the most vocal away support for ages and a decent away following, and with a few more of us there,it made for an excellent atmosphere. Lets hope it encourages a few of those new home fans to come back again. Up the Fleet
  12. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin I agree with you that the good and the sane myfc members have much to offer the fleet but they are just a few sadly... Thats why its important their good news stories get highlighted and dont get thrown out with the bathwater. Lets just say on DD the jury is still out, but it is interesting you say he puts the Fleet first, as think that his only way of success is having the MYFC and Fleet interests as one and the same, and convincing the membership of that. A strong membership will lead to a strong Fleet.
  13. Does anyone know the tie up with MYFC & EA Sports , or is it just they pay for advertising space on website ? just interested ?
  14. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin I'm not so sure you want to hear whats going on over on the cesspit wayne...its mostly all bollox to be honest.....stick with the fleet and DD as he has half a chance if I am any judge.. Didn't say I was interested in whats going on at the MYFC forums, just said its good to hear MYFC members making efforts to assist the Fleet, and that will always be good to hear about. I am not interested in reading about clashing egos. With DD only time will tell. But it all comes down to numbers, either membership or attendances. Up the Fleet
  15. Originally Posted By: Arithon Ok Chris, fair enough, I won't post again on here. I just wasn't happy that Singram was getting undeserved stick. Need a thicker skin than that mate. keep posting on here if you have something to say, dont worry about the stick. we need more not less posting on here.
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