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  1. Good to hear your out JR, take care of yourself
  2. From Epsom and Ewell Twitter just now... BREAKING NEWS: Tonight's game is OFF. Cove have just called to say that they cannot raise a team. Please do not come tonight and please RT
  3. I remember a good few years ago now, when managing, I appealed something with Surrey FA. I won, got found not guilty but I'm sure I still had to pay the fine imposed on me, go figure!! I think something similar happened to one of Slough's players this season after being red carded but on video evidence they appealed, decision overruled but fine still stood........I'm sure Bakes/Unders can confirm.
  4. Unfortunately though, the majority of games don't get 'officiated in a good way' and that's not always the fault of the referee. Most of the games I go watch, the officials get slated from players/managers/coaches/fans despite making honest decisions. Don't get me wrong though there are also some officials I've seen getting simple things very wrong as well but not as much! I agree a lot on your last point though!
  5. Where are the reserves due to be playing their home games Rich?
  6. I should imagine it will be ok loop........but if you could take a new broom I think that would be handy as looks like something happened with the previous one!
  7. Apologies, never saw that. Thanks
  8. Just out of interest how does this work with the players employers? i.e do the players have to use their holiday entitlement when leaving work early for away games or do the players lose part of their work wages or have their employers 'bought' in to the Guernsey 'project' and just let the players have the time off?
  9. I'm stuck indoors with the little one tonight as missus out so does anyone know for sure if I can watch the Epsom v Guernsey game online and pay the 2.99? Wasn't sure if the games over here were only shown back in Guernsey or not?
  10. No mate, NO Sky tv in Chipstead club house. As Fred said I'd be surprised if White Hart did have it as doesn't look that sort of pub
  11. This might help you slightly Bad Guy - http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/bansteadathleticfc/ I'm sure when you pop down there next they will be able to answer any questions you have! Best of luck to the new guys and best wishes to Andy
  12. I understand what you're saying and I've been involved at various levels as manager, assistant, player, official, assistant ref, referee at different levels of football and like majority of things in life it all comes down to money in my opinion. It's not just refs fees that might have increased, it'll be pitch fees, kit, balls, bibs, cones, league fees, cup fees which will ultimately be passed on to players when they pay their subs. Ok players subs not so much at Saturday Senior football but then you have those expenses plus rent, rates etc so a refs fee is just a small amount. Theres also the added thing of so many other things for players do nowadays outside of football and lot of people have/want to work wknds now to earn money to live I've only been a qualified ref just over a year now and I can honestly say I've considered jacking it in already plenty of times and that's all down to players attitudes..........and I see myself as quite laid back with a very good understanding of what players/managers/clubs go through nowadays in football!
  13. Do you have to pay them full match fee for turning up only for game to be called off? I suppose it's up to the individuals concerned but don't blame the refs, they don't make the rules! When was at Banstead and I had refs down for pitch inspections I think the rule was you had to give them some expenses for coming down to assess pitch........some took it some didn't but if they did take it I never begrudged them for it. A couple of times I've turned up this season to ref a Sunday game and the pitch was unsuitable. I never took the half match fee I was due but if other refs did for similar scenarios then I won't knock them! And if you really think officials do it all for money at this level then it's DEFINITELY really not worth the small amount it comes down to!
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