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  1. He is Allstars logging on from a different IP address !! The publicity has gone to his head....all those media appearances etc......and free Guinness.......coming to a pavement near you soon !! It's going to be a long boring summer ...I'm off ( again !). Cheers
  2. Originally Posted By: Torquay_Lad We have links with some well known clubs like Truro City, Newport I.O.W. & there Ultras. You can't be serious ?? I liked Ultras.....Midge Ure.....Vienna. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes was a good one also. Cheers,
  3. There's only one thing for it....Daish out ! Or maybe Gazza & RR might buy everyone a beer ? ( awaits excuses from Gazza......on the school run ? Only joking mate !) Cheers,
  4. Originally Posted By: Torquay_Lad We eat Pigeons raw sonny... Sonny ? haven't been called that for a while.....how quaint ? Raw pigeon is one of my favorites as well....I hate all that salad & veggie stuff don't you ? Too much greenfly for my liking !! Cheers,
  5. London Gulls ??? I thought they were Pigeons ?? Cheers,
  6. Stu.........were you the Stu in The Windmill last night talking to Maggot ? Cheers,
  7. It was dull before my post Allstars !!! I have tried to keep a low profile recently, but with all the old sh*t being thrown, sometimes it's difficult not to respond ! Cheers,
  8. Originally Posted By: Darter [ I would love to talk to Chris P and ask him why he stood for MyFC Board when he'd had nothing to do with the MyFC Society up till that point. Perhaps we would then understand each other better. The MyFC society ? Is that like the Kent Reliance ? Do you do a fixed rate bond for 1 year ? (ooh err missus !) Maybe, just maybe, Chris, like many other fans of Ebbsfleet ( formerly Gravesend & Northfleet), cares about the club he supports ? and wanted to keep an eye on what was occuring ? This is only my opinion, but I have one question.......Chris was voted on the board by the members of MyFC...democracy in action ! I think Gazza has already touched on this, and certainly Wah Wah has broadcast on the subject but...........so you vote, but get the right raving when you don't like the result....? E Ba Gum ! Cheers, PS...apologies for referring back to the football club here, and not joining in with the sh*t previously posted ( no offence Unc....keep them beers on ice !).
  9. Originally Posted By: wobbly Wayne II Can understand the reasoning behind not taking the victory tour around Dartford, but seeing as a fair % of our current support and future support is in Swanscombe which is closer to the ground than Gravesend and the majority of Northfleet. We should not belittle our out of Borough support. Up the Fleet Good comment Wobbly & I was in no way trying to belittle any support. I just didn't think that the Bluewater idea was the right thing to do. Cheers,
  10. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Originally Posted By: Hirsty Going off on one again...... trouble maker... Sorted out that Friendly match yet Unc ? I feel thirsty already ! I will not be in he "squad" to travel on the proposed Scottish tour ! Cheers,
  11. Has Singram ever been to Stonebridge Road ? Does he ( or she) know where it is ? Perhaps we old skoolers should all be banned from Stonebridge Road ? and then there will only be 10 or 20 on a cold tuesday night in February for a re arranged home game ! I did have my
  12. Going off on one again...... Do MyFC own 51% or 75% of EUFC ? When I was at the EGM ( from what I recall ) MyFC have an option to buy the remaining shares within 5 years. Are they likely to do so ? ( I suspect not ) or am I left with "B" & "C" shares that ain't worth a **** & count for nothing ? Cheers,
  13. PS......see you tomorrow night then. I plan to wander down to the Civic Centre & see the end of the Parade & display of Cup on the balcony. I may even support a local business & go to Rob Abdul's after !
  14. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz Unfortunately Les, there are some who are happy to think small, and try and recruit new fans from the Dog and Duck or the Whatever Arms, rather than looking at the bigger picture and trying to recruit from North Kent. A Ha.......a dig at me I assume ? My point was that we should not have a victory parade outside of the Borough i.e. Bluewater !!! By all means try and capture new supporters from other areas, but not a Victory parade in Dartford !!! You wouldn't want a Dartford victory parade coming through Northfleet would you ? Explanation of point concluded !!
  15. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz .They missed the atmosphere downstairs, where it was truly electric Bragging again Gazza ? Ooh err missus ! Cheers,
  16. Originally Posted By: kmj Why would I stand up for Sky being biased? Please explain? Where did i say that ? My little joke, which appears to have fallen on stoney ground, was that in a previous post, you referred to those who did the Mexican wave as showing disrespect for Torquay. When I said that my team won and her ( Helen C) team lost I thought that may have been construed as showing disrespect also, hence my reference, jokingly, to your goodself. However, as it taken me longer to type this explanation than the original comment, I wish I had not tried to inject a little bit of humour into procedings after all !! Where's that tea hut ?
  17. Yes I know all that ! I think that the last voting figures that you ( or maybe Yorkfox ?) published on here indicated that a "watered down" PTT was favoured with Liam having the final say ? or did I dream that ? That was when Clowntown agreed to be p*ssed on as one result/option polled more than 25% ? It still goes against the grain though ! Cheers, PS....I used to be an "owner". We were called Shareholders in those days. Now my shares don't appear to be worth the paper that they are written ( or typed !) on. Cost me more than
  18. Originally Posted By: Jeff Originally Posted By: Hirsty You old smoothy Jeff !! Well it worked for you on Sunday morning Hirsty! I met a bloke in there on Sunday who I have known since we were about four years old. Apparently lives five doors up from the Central now. I wasn't aware that anything worked for me on Sunday morning !! I know Spencer. Cheers,
  19. Surely you must admit, especially after this great season, that Liam is well qualified to manage ( I said manage !) a football team at this level ? more than the likes of you, me or Mrs Miggins, or even Hempstead Gazza ?
  20. At least you weren't lobbing up ! Cheers,
  21. Originally Posted By: doheochai I suspect that when it actually starts and is running for a few weeks then it will turn out to be far less controversial than it is at the moment. I suspect it will be more controversial, especially if we play crap & lose all the time ! You know what will happen then ? Forget the big white horse as the angel of the south equivalent, it will be a 'kin great old Tea Hut !!
  22. Originally Posted By: Stu M Originally Posted By: Hirsty I wasn't aware that we had won a Wembley Final before ? When did we have previous plans to do a parade through the town then ? Hirsty's ability to cut to the chase is admirable! One tries ! Cheers, Cheers,
  23. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz It's been tried 'til the cows come home in gravesend - just doesn't really work. Apathy, Kosovans, whatever, we still only get the faithful 1000. We need to try a new approach, do what Scallingham and Charlton do and increase our catchment area. Bluewater is a 5 minute drive by car or bus from Fleet. If that isn't within our area of potential new fanbase I do no know what is. Our main sponsor has a shop there too, what better way to promote our club sponsor? What's been tried until the cows come home ? I wasn't aware that we had won a Wembley Final before ? When did we have previous plans to do a parade through the town then ? There are quite a lot of local shops & businesses who have shown their support as well you know. Might even have a celebratory curry at Rob Abdul's afterwards ! Cheers,
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