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  1. See I dont normally agree with Micheal but on this occasion he is talking ABSOLUTE sense, if given the right budget and players of his choice - and I emphasis - HIS CHOICE then I reckon Nikki should/will be a decent ,manager, my only crit of the guy is he is still a player/supporter and hasnt learnt to distance himself from the emotional roller coaster that entails.... when he gets that balance right then he has my FULL backing.... give the guy his chance FFS, given his mangement time I reckon he deserves a chance.
  2. This is gonna sound like Im doubting these two great players, but I would question the management if they were to place these "relatively" inexperienced managerial players in charge of the team that TB and SC have assembled. Would/could they bring in players to shore up the defence/attack and is their football acumen enough to ensure that MFC dont slide back down to Ryman Prem. As stated earlier in this thread I am NOT having a dig but after the last 18 months of fantastic highs and lows and the expectations of the board slowing down to a realistic canter would putting these guys in charge
  3. they are ALWAYS moaning rob, they never stop.... its endless and quite frankly upsetting fella, they just cant get along...... sniff.... sniff,,,,,,,,,,, sob.........
  4. its blurple...............................
  5. new kit as BL was not happy with the kit deal he inherited (macron), heard mixed reports about the "new" image but as long as its not as dynamic as Maidstones I'll be happy.
  6. For what its worth I think this should have been flagged by the league months ago, is it your fault..... I dont know and in truth as a supporter of team that is ..... "awaiting" confirmation of when the play-offs might take place then I really dont care. If the FA or the Ryman League are at fault then you guys deserve to be given the chance to prove your team, however fellas if they prove otherwise apart from the obvious trolls already on this subject you might find that opinions turn against rather than for. Good luck either way - a Margate Supporter
  7. I have posted this statement on our closed FB page and asked the club to comment, other than personally talking to our chairman (not really my place) I have to say it is up to our fans (who now use the FB page more than this forum ) to urge or encourage our club to act.
  8. I think the reason no-one has answered/commented anymore about the subject is because simply its out of our hands. If Enfield feel that MFC have wronged them then they need to approach the club and not the "real" fans/supporters of non-league football on this forum (no offence meant). This thread was about media communication and was kind of hi-jacked by Enfield United (fan), I personally think he has a valid point but asking for justice on a football forum of "said" team would probably fall on deaf ears - that doesn't make us bad fans nor bad people, just my opinion by the way which is wha
  9. previously banned.... wow, how do you know this????? I agree that this should not of happened and spoilt any otherwise (apart from the result) good day. If no-one has apologised from the club then I'll step and say "Sorry". Not sure you should tarnish the 600 other supporters though.
  10. what an absolute plank and biased pleb you are : I wasnt there but from the highlights (bad as they were) your absolute one sided view of the game is laughable to say the least. get a job you numpty..........................
  11. That was possibly the longest thread that I have ever read and to begin with thought this is the ramblings of someone not quite stable and possibly someone to avoid whilst walking down the street..... and then .... it struck me that as I read on (yes I read the lot) this guy was similar to us in the way that he supports his club and was just defending an observed attack on his beloved, just like any of us would do had the attack been aimed at Margate FC. The fact that the thread title is a little ambiguous and probably a little tongue in cheek doesnt excuse the fact that maybe, just maybe we
  12. G Man hasn't added any friends yet....................... not likely too either with his attitude - his report should read "does'nt play well with others" BILLY NO MATES
  13. dont think Purcell will score..... that many OWN goals but I wanna be in that crowd when it happens , joking aside Im sure Hx will rise to the challenge and playing at home might be what your players need - see you all Saturday
  14. I bet your a twelve year old are'nt you...... go on be honest...... are you back at "senior" school today - go on tell us what your favourite subject is........ is it biology or geography, it certainly isnt social studies.
  15. You really need to see someone professional about this little problem you have - a true keyboard warrior.............. lol
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