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  1. I agree - but there is a big cap between those divisions, it was a big cap last season it's even bigger now! Managing a premier side at Farnboro with a small budget compared to managing in Div 1 at Frimley's ground with no budget - is a massive difference!
  2. No. I know someone who is a friend of the chap who was going to manage them!
  3. I hear Frimley Green's chairman has 'sort of' stepped down and I don't think there is anyone else to pick the baton up and campaign for the club to be reinstated. I also heard they appointed a manager at the end of the season who has just told them he doesn't want to manage a team in Division 1. I can't see them appealing and I wouldn't be surprised if they folded! I certainly hope they don't!
  4. Wacko - Finishing 3rd bottom must expect the worse. But if they league said only the bottom 2 or 1 relegated then thats a good arguement. I agree a ground share shouldn't be arranged to avoid relegation. Therefore, a groundshare shouldn't be allowed to gain promotion (Bookham) regardless of them having been there two years!! Why else are they groundsharing?
  5. I agree. For these two clubs to be relegated on matters nothing to do with the actual football is harsh (even though they've had long enough to sort their grounds out). Feltham shouldn't have anything to moan about as they finished 2nd bottom, regardles of what teams dropped out half way through, finishing in that position you've got to expect the worse!! Lets hope the other clubs agree on Westfield and Frimley Green (if only for us to visit Woking & Farnborough this coming season).
  6. Ledge, as you support Westfield 100%, does that mean you would support Frimley Green 100%. They are in the exact same position as Westfield.
  7. I think the whole of the CCL would have wished they had chosen the Spartan League!
  8. Good point on the Bookham issue. But I think the CCL will find it hard to do U-turn on Bookham. The sensible thing would be to increase the league to 24, keep Bookham in Div 1 and allow Westfield, Frimley & Feltham their Step 5 status! (also it allows all the other teams to play a three decent grounds - Woking, Farnboro & Hampton)
  9. I can't believe that about Frimley. If that's the case why didn't spend the money on a stand. They haven't done £20k worth of work, mind you, if they had, you probably wouldn't notice at their ground. If they are going to contest, I think they've made a big mistake, if they'd of just put the stand in they wouldn't have anything to worry about. Also, it looks like the league have thought to themselves, 'wich clubs can we get rid off?' - 'I know lets get rid of the clubs who've got groundshares, oh there is too many, OK the ones who've only just arranged them!!! SHAMBLES!!
  10. TB1


    Horley's B ground grading has cost them and they seem to of accepted it. I'm sure Westfield & Frimley will be the ones fighting it. What happened to them increasing the league to 24! Colliers Wood must of got their ground up to an A grade?!
  11. TB1


    Apparently, if teams had their groundshare in place last season, they survived. Horley is probably one of the best grounds in the league, plus a decent side that could be challenging! They must gutted to give way to Camberley (sorry Krooner) & Epsom!
  12. This chap usually knows the score. Can't believe these proposals!! http://www.tonykempster.btinternet.co.uk/gridsindex.htm Before anyone comments on this boring topic, I'll save you the post!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  13. Fair enough chaps. I'll stop banging my drum! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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