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  1. Camberley double the points of Knaphill. Route 1 or not they must be a good side. Win games in hand and will be up there with Molesey, Cove and Ashford. Are we really saying Camberley are not a good side but have very tall people??????
  2. Purdy (10) at Frimley Green now??? He came off the bench for Godalming on the Friday.
  3. I am not saying rock the boat. Just handpick a few players to add to the squad.
  4. Surely if I was the Camberley Chairman or Manager, I would be looking at the Cove team and putting 7 dayers in for their best players. With the lure of playing at the next level and going up instead of winning the league and doing the same next year. I understand Coves approach but as in life it is down to survival. Camberley are the closest team to Cove so would not change the travelling distance for those players compared with Windsor, Ashford, Molesey or Spelthorne.
  5. The history of bagshot fc and the Surrey intermediate is not a great one. Bagshot were kicked out of this league in the past due to the individuals running the club, not paying fines and regularly playing banned players. They then went to the east berkshire league and then joined the aldershot league and have been there since. I was led to believe that the intermediate league would not accept Bagshot back as long as certain individuals were still involved at the club. Burnt a lot of bridges in the past.
  6. Weebs whats he doing there? Thats where I grew up.
  7. 1 boy aged 3 and a half. He is too young to start that yet isnt he?
  8. Could not have been you because he was none of those apart from wearing a 1980's shellsuit. It absolutley poured down.
  9. He was identical to you then. Amazing similarities. It was 22nd June 2010. No wonder he never said hello.
  10. I believe last Wednesday you were at a childrens music concert. Our kids must go to the same school. Even said alright to you as we walked down the hill afterwards and you ignored me. Thought it must have been your level 4 BTK mentality.
  11. Sorry to disappoint BA but I am not in a position to step back into first team management or have the desire so you did not beat me to the job. I will however occasionally pop up to watch and see the progress you and your team are promising. I hope Frimley Green get back into the Premier where they belong after being unfairly put in Division 1. As for Bedfont Sports, Did a certain forum poster not show his true colours in the game against Frimley at Bedfont?
  12. Ha Ha Ha Ha Not interested in the job but just believe that some professionalism should be shown in the announcement. Frimley Green will always be close to me as played there for several years. Then again should have expected it from anyone connected with Bedfont Sports.
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