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  1. Have to feel a bit for Sheerwater who were 2-0 up halfway though 2nd half when match was abandoned but looks like the Grumpy Groundsman at Ash has another admirer so I couldn’t believe my luck when el numero uno choice of the day was still on, having passed a couple of inspections, the latest being at 1.30pm .. leaving one of the best dedicated groundsman I’ve seen in a while, just working away until kick off, spreading his sawdust and forking as much as he could .. a hardy soul, who without, we would not of seen any game today .. a truly great effort .. just a shame he couldn’t control the weather above.
  2. Fax numbers TSF ? Duncs black book has telex numbers .
  3. That'll be high (& often long) lights according to some then TRS
  4. Congratulations to the League and Chessington for flexibility shown
  5. I bet Abbey Rangers wish they could have persuaded their Vase opponents last Saturday to do so - a 250 mile round trip on Wednesday night to South Gloucestershire is the outcome of not doing so. Lets hope they win it.
  6. That's it then. If your Club name doesn't start with a "H" you've no chance this season - save your money and just aim to avoid relegation
  7. I think his Dad should buy him a season ticket
  8. Badshot Lea perhaps? - not sure where they played when a Step 6 Club though (and maybe the rules were different then anyway) Bookham as well.
  9. That explains a few things! Sorry Matt
  10. Top rate video Trevor, and thank you once again for another season of quality video highlights
  11. Is this such a bad idea E&E?. With their ground just off the M3 J4a they are closer to the centre of CCL patch than both Hartley Wintney and Alton, so would seem a good fit just by looking at maps. Within 6-7 miles there could be local derbies with HW, Camberley, Frimley Green & Eversley plus Farnham & Ash are not much further afield. A much better fit than the Wessex League - if they ever got promoted to Wessex Premier their closest opponents would likely be some 30 miles away at Whitchurch or Winchester Where would you have them in your proposed structure?
  12. Duncs - is the time right for experienced men with Ash Utd in their DNA to take charge and help lead them back to former glory? Men like you & Johnno for example??
  13. So you'd rather this forum lost Hammer59 & Bad Guy then Smudge?
  14. The rules are quite clear Gareth, you have to finish top 3 to be considered for promotion to the Premier Division: 13.4 ii) The Competition will accept the champion club, the runners-up and the third place club from Division One into the Premier Division, providing that they meet the standard grading requirements for entry to the Premier Division of the Competition. Technically you can argue that Eversley & California "blocked" promotion to Staines Lammas last season whilst Lammas themselves blocked others in seasons 2007/8 & 2008/9. Worcester Park have "blocked" the most - seasons 2006/7, 2009/10 & 2010/11. I find some irony in the fact that both the "blocking" and the solution are criticised in equal measure.
  15. Doubt there's many Clubs at this level able to raise the required funding (£400k+) for installation ?
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