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  1. johnnojudo


  2. I don't worry about you lot Krooner.... No no no.... I admire the football. And that goal was right off the training ground!
  3. Dropping out of football all together. Can't hack it no more. The banter on here is too much. And your banter gets worse and worse. Good luck in Southern south and west next season.
  4. Get it right Krooner; "Nothing given and we played the ball up the park and a long hoof up the field put our striker 1 on 1 and despite the pressure he put us 3-2 up"
  5. Krooner is right. No one else have lives outside of football.
  6. 3 perfect goals Krooner? 1st goal a long ball from the left back 2nd goal a long ball from the right back 3rd goal a long throw from the half way line. Gotta be so proud
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