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  1. It helps that we're winning most games, but then in the previous few seasons WEFC had been also - last three seasons saw us in S&SW1 playoffs, S&SW1 promoted, and SP top third - yet with probably lower gates even though we'd (usually) see more away fans. (and this is with some residual ill-will to the Colonel, too - I know a few people who used to attend regularly and won't now because of his return to the team, they blame him for some of the problems that caused WEFC to fail). The "accompanied children go free" definitely helps a lot, I've persuaded a few friends myself on this
  2. Yeah, I think that's what the ref was fussing about. Although his eyesight was clearly somewhat troubled IMO, after Jake went over near the centre circle (not sure if he was actually fouled, which was my first impression, or slipped avoiding the tackle/foul) and got booked - I presume for diving...
  3. Apparently, by special request of the players, the beer on the bar was Windsor Knot, but all three barrels were drained by half-time... only way they got any was if they sneaked some out in the pitchside drinks bottles. Plus the Garter sold out, and the Guardsman was running low... all good for the club and its sponsors. Just want to add my sincere congratulations to the committee for such fantastic publicity and organisation, and to the staff for coping so well with 4-6 times the usual crowd. And, of course, to the players for putting on a display suitable to entertain so many!
  4. Excellent work. Goals shared (and Benny was very harshly adjudged offside to disallow a superb , 5th), teamwork all through - MoM could have been any of six or seven, at least. Great crowd too and let's hope enough liked what they saw to come again - certainly those I spoke to are now keen to visit more often... ... we just need to arrange for emergency ale resupplies at half-time! (don't think we've ever gone through three barrels so fast!)
  5. Record attendance for Windsor - best since WEFC hosted AFC Wimbledon a few years back. 806 on the doors, according to the PA. Hope any neutrals enjoyed themselves. We ran out of hog roast and nearly out of beer, in fact all 3 barrels of real ale emptied by hlaf-time, so I'd guess so... (BTW, Windsor 4 - Egham 1)
  6. I'm sure no one at the club will complain if you do spend that much... !
  7. There's a face-painter and Scotty the Stag to help amuse those too small to watch the football throughout. And if recent matches are any precedent, real ale from the local brewery - Windsor & Eton - on tap, plus always in bottles. Not only that, but Anthony Worrall-Thompson's Windsor restaurant/deli are catering the food, including a Hogroast. See http://www.windsorfc.net/news/111222a.asp (can't get it to show hyperlink - probably the ASP bit). And, second facing fourth in the league, 34 home goals versus 30 away goals (both from 10 matches), and no goalless games at the Meado
  8. Actually I can now believe WR on this. If I was some supporter of a completely unrelated club, and he buttonholed me and went off on a foam-flecked rant about how evil WEFC were and how WFC are the spawn of Satan too and how he hates hates hates us, they didn't pay their taxes, did they, wicked people, and he hopes we lose, precious, it wants us to lose, yes precious.... I too would agree with whatever he said. In the hope he'd go away. It's the understandable reaction. Gods above, neighbour, listen to yourself. You're giving the proper Slough fans a bad image. Go hate on Ch
  9. The youth teams should be invited to every game... good experience for them, they clearly loved the time there, and I'm sure the players enjoyed their extra high-pitched cheering section. And it makes it properly inclusive, too.
  10. So we'll know it's you if we see furtive figures lurking behind a tree outside the ground, swigging from bottles in brown paper bags? Classy.
  11. Well, I daresay the club officials are all aghast at third-hand rumours of "pissed-off non-league people" (unnamed) alleged by a rival team fan (also anonymous) who's had a down on WEFC/WFC for his whole existence on these boards. Obviously I'm in despair myself, too. If it weren't for the fact that I've never heard such comments from anyone I've ever spoken to, I'd probably be on the verge of collapse. But I'm startled to hear that Slough fans have all gone teetotal for Christmas. Or do you have such control over everyone there that they all do your bidding - maybe you have a hypnoti
  12. In this case, ad pabulum. But, you know, one is what one eats.
  13. Same place as the little birdy, probably. Mind you, we turned down Tevez. Glory hunter.
  14. Indeed, hearing the Ash score being tracked goal-by-goal is the first time I remember hearing that attention on another match* since the race against Totton a couple of years back... (not including funny-money PL games, of course)
  15. So the players that stay with or come back to a team which gets reformed (or relegated) at a lower level are glory hunters? Interesting logic, that. Most people would say that the players who spurn a lower team are the glory hounds, but your POV is novel. Back in the real world, let us be thankful for players with loyalty - and who find happiness in playing where they're genuinely welcome and appreciated.
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