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  1. 13-April 11 - Happy Birthday biscuits :)

  2. 13-April 10 - Happy Birthday biscuits :)

  3. What's that all about on the back page? Am I missing something? It's about the proposed ground share, what's happening?
  4. The Premier League is fixed for the bigger teams for t.v. and sponsorships. DONT RENEW YOUR SEASON TICKETS FOR THOSE OVERPAID PRIMA DONNAS SUPPORT HORNCHURCH.
  5. dont forget Dagenham & Redbridge were an amalgamation of Leytonstone Ilford and Walthamstowe Avenue, merging in the non league circit is nothing new. Clearly there are too many football clubs and i can see further mergers.
  6. Any thoughts about modernising the club badge? akin to arsenal, aston villa, etc. or is it sacrilege?
  7. there doesn't seem to be a bad game in this list of opponents, realistically where do you think we will be come the end of next season, top 6?
  8. any half time entertainment, ...a song, max?
  9. that,s £5.5million they wont have to spend on players in the Championship then. Will cancel out what they get for those that leave.
  10. my man of the match is dale.
  11. i think that in the match programme it said that the East Stand capacity is 2500, well that was nearly full so i reckon the gate was over 2000 possibly 2200, a great crowd, should push the average up a bit for next season. More importantly thouugh, well done to the team, management and fans for last nights victory. Great Wakering came with a game plan and are much improved with two handfulls up front. We didn't play as good as we can but we never gave up and we in my opinion deserved to win. man of match? probably Dale. Great to see Max and Jen with the cup.
  12. thanks for the updates,unc. Curry's Tuesday night??
  13. fingers and legs crossed, nearly there?
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