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  1. Not at all, how is it that his popularity has soared through the roof recently then
  2. Don't be so sure, a lot of people like the look of the down to earth Rory Stewart and what you see is what you get
  3. Big J R - But everything in the garden was fairly rosy wasn't it before he called the referendum
  4. It's a real shame isn't it because up until the referendum 'Call Me Dave' was actually doing quite a good job and would still be Prime Minister
  5. Cup of Tea - What is it that you don't like about Trump out of curiosity and why were you so certain he wouldn't become President, I think by the end of his tenure he is going to be mentioned in the same breath as Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt
  6. Why do you say that, the party was only founded in January of this year and then, incredibly, won the European Parliament election in the UK just four months later with an amazing 31% of the votes before coming so close to winning in Peterborough earlier this month, I wonder what could possibly be next up Nigel Farage's sleeve.
  7. What do we think of the result last night folks, I was quite surprised that Labour were voted back in albeit very narrowly, the BREXIT party can count themselves unlucky at not having secured their first Parliamentary seat
  8. Big J R - You have to admit that his State visit this week was a rip roaring success wasn't it and the great man has gone up in everyone's estimation
  9. Savagebee - Khan is being very foolish to make an enemy of Trump isn't he, as is Jeremy Corbyn although Jeremy hasn't been quite so outspoken and there may be a way back for him if a apologises unreservedly and diplomatically for any misunderstanding or upset he may have caused Trump
  10. Big J R - I miss the days of under the table payments, so called bungs, tapping up and brown envelopes, the game has changed so much hasn't it from back in the day
  11. One thing I have noticed is that all the twelve astronauts who set foot on the surface of the moon have lived to a ripe old age, correct me if I am wrong. Imagine saying that you are one of only twelve people ever to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong obviously being the first.
  12. We seem to be forgetting who is ultimately responsible for this whole BREXIT fiasco and making our once proud Country the laughing stock it has sadly become, that is David Cameron for calling the referendum in the first place, he didn't have to
  13. Big J R - Don't you think that those statements about Sadiq Khan were justified though
  14. I see that they have a pre-season friendly against Stevenage on 6 July in their inaugural match at their Springfield stadium
  15. Well Harefield United were always punching well below their weight in Division One weren't they so that's no surprise, it was actually disappointing that they dropped four points albeit early on in the campaign
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